Big Brother star Frankie Grande announces retirement, says he’s ‘peaked’

Frankie On BB16
Frankie Grande played Big Brother in 2014 and continues to be a force on social media. Pic credit: CBS

Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16 just announced his retirement in a fun new Instagram Reel that he posted.

“Thank you @people for covering my retirement. I’ve peaked. There’s nothing left to achieve. Frankie out. ?,” Frankie captioned his post on Instagram.

The post itself features a video where he shows off an article from People Magazine and speaks about how pleased he was to be mentioned alongside Madonna.

“Guys. Look at this headline in People Magazine,” Frankie starts the video as he shows off the article about Madonna and himself.

Frankie Grande retires

Below is the Instagram Reel that Frankie Grande posted that showed off his name getting mentioned in the same headline as Madonna.

“That’s it. I’m done. There’s no greater achievement that I can have in my entire life. I’m retiring. I’ve peaked,” Frankie closes out the video by saying.

A look back at Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16

Frankie Grande was a member of the Big Brother 16 cast that played the game back in Summer 2014. At the time, he was a YouTube personality, but he entered the Big Brother house with a big secret. That secret was that he is the brother of Ariana Grande.

For a lot of the summer, Frankie kept that information under wraps, as he wanted to play the game outside of the shadow that Ariana Grande could have cast over him. And he did pretty well at it, even though his alliance turning on him later in the summer.

Frankie finished in fifth place, becoming a member of the BB16 jury who got to help decide the Big Brother 16 winner.

Police sergeant Derrick Levasseur became the Big Brother 16 winner, with Cody Calafiore finishing as the runner-up. Other memorable people on the BB16 cast were Caleb Reynolds (he would later compete on Survivor), Nicole Franzel (she returned and won Big Brother 18), Zach Rance, Christine Brecht, and fan-favorite Donny Thompson.

Derrick recently proposed Big Brother rule changes, while Cody returned and won Big Brother: All-Stars 2. Frankie has not yet returned to play Big Brother, but it could certainly be interesting to see how he would do if given another chance.

Recently, Frankie Grande also got engaged. So he has someone to enjoy his retirement with. We are also going to hold out hope that Frankie and Ariana Grande decide to one day compete on The Amazing Race together.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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