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Derrick Levasseur wants to change Big Brother rules for Power of Veto

Derrick On Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur won Big Brother and now he has some ideas about the future of the show. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur shared his thoughts on how the Veto Competition should work and which houseguests should get to play for the Power of Veto each week.

Under the current format, the first three players for each Veto Competition are the two nominees and the Head of Household. There is then a meeting where those three people randomly draw three more houseguests to play in the challenge.

Sometimes, a nominee or the HOH gets their choice of who will join the challenge with them. There is some strategy that plays into that, with a nominee getting a chance to bring in someone else who might be willing to take them off the block.

Another wrinkle with the current format is that someone can get backdoored and voted out of the house without having a chance to save themselves. For instance, an HOH could keep the real target off the block, and if that target doesn’t play in the Veto Competition, the HOH could then put them on the block at the Veto Ceremony.

Derrick Levasseur wants to change Veto Competition on Big Brother

“I really think it’s time for Big Brother to allow all houseguests to play in the veto competition each week,” BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur wrote on Twitter.

“Too many good players have worked too hard in that house to have their game ended simply because a plastic chip with their name on it wasn’t pulled,” Derrick went on to say.

Giving everyone the chance to play for the Power of Veto could really shake things up and that’s one good reason to allow it. A reason to not change things up is that Big Brother isn’t supposed to be all about winning competitions, but also about human interaction and being able to talk your way out of being nominated or voted out.

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Derrick BB23 Comments
Derrick Levasseur won Big Brother 16. Pic credit: @DerrickL/Twitter

Some Big Brother 23 spoilers that impacted Derrick’s post

There are some Big Brother 23 spoilers that came out on the live feeds that led to Derrick making this post. As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Sarah Beth Steagall nominated Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss for eviction. She was manipulated into those choices by Kyland Young, who spent all night talking her out of her targets.

Alyssa Lopez then used the second power to save Derek F from the block. The roulette wheel decided that Xavier Prather would be the replacement nominee. The BB23 cast also played out the Veto Competition, which is where Derrick’s post stems from.

Derek Xiao did not get to play for the Power of Veto this week. And the presiding thought within the Big Brother house is that he is about to get backdoored by Sarah Beth. In summation, Derek X was not allowed to play for HOH or the POV, so he could get sent out of the game without ever having a real chance to save himself.

As for the decisions that Sarah Beth has made as the current HOH, former Big Brother houseguest Janelle Pierzina says Sarah Beth ruined her game. She also used some other colorful language in the process.

What do you think about the idea that Derrick Levasseur has presented in regard to changing how the Power of Veto is played for on Big Brother?

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. I’m sick of the way Big Brother houseguest play. They don’t seem to have an opinion of their own and do exactly what the HOH wants. How stupid. This is definitely not the way I would play if given the chance.

  2. Okay, so, here’s an observation:

    The six black contestants have formed the “Cookout”. They are trying to get to the end and show the power of their unity.

    On the other hand, you’ve got all the white contestants who don’t have a clue that this is happening. This is indicative of a larger symptom in society – that they don’t pick up on this group of 6 joined by race. It’s probably the further thing from their minds!

    If the point is to demonstrate how unified black people can be successful, kudos! More obvious to me, though, is the absence of racism among the white contestants. They don’t see color, nor do they have a single inkling of this being a ‘thing’ in the house. I believe this is more indicative of how it is in society as well. Most of us simply don’t see race, but some certainly do – perhaps to an over extent in this game!

    • I absolutely agree with you. Some of the things which are said by the CO are totally racist!! If there was a “white” alliance – based solely on race – not on teams or skill or basic friendships, that would not be permitted. Also, in past seasons, racist comments lead to players being warned or let go, and followed them into their personal lives outside of BB. Can’t people be united, no matter the color of their skin or ethnic diversity? Aren’t we all people – and it is really how we treat others that count? It is fine to be unified with a common goal. It is not fine to be racist.

      • As a person of color, I can see where all the criticism for the CO is coming from. But I disagree that the members are racist. I have seen X and Tiffany question whether they are doing the right thing which indicates the fact that it is a game strategy and nothing more. Also, it is true that no black person has won and this is the fast season with many black people, so I get where they are coming from. Despite the fact that some women have won, many are ok and in fact push for a woman alliance given the male dominance. In fact, some of the CO women are already planning how to get rid of the men.
        Also, I feel like all the CO dominance talk is misleading. The truth is that KY is dominating the game. The only reason the CO members have not gone home is because he is protecting them . We should be talking about his dominance but he is been lumped together with people who have never won a competition or influenced any decision.

        • Tiffany and Xavier said they were playing for “the cause” and not playing with the HG they prefer and had real friendships with. This is not strategy. Playing and forming a group based on race alone is racism.

  3. Absolutely not! Leave the Veto competition the way it is and have a strategy to have enough votes to survive a backdoor in the first place. This game has an element of luck and is not always fair. Shame on him for trying to change it once again when he’s already ruined the game by creating “alliances within alliances and sub-alliances”.

  4. I think they need to change the veto competition where it’s always played individually and no one is told who wins and the person that wins makes a decision in the diary room and nobody knows who used it and that way they’re not under pressure And can make bold moves

  5. I think this is a great idea! I think the HOH is almost always decided by another player. Plus lets change it up a little bit.

  6. I think it is past time to change that everyone should have an equal chance to save themselves. BTW, I didn’t like it when Derrick X did it. However think he is a good player and yes, I hate to see him go.

  7. I like Derrick’s idea to allow all players to play in the POV comp. But I also like Roberta Nelson’s idea to have the winner to be secret. But it would be difficult for BB to create comps that are all ‘individual’ which take up a great deal of time because sometimes ‘time’ is an issue. Individual comps only would eliminate the comps like the questions where the players hit the buzzer first to answer or ‘true/false’ comps, etc.

  8. Derek X cost himself when he chose not to play the roulette game, which he most likely would have won. If he had, I believe he would have protected himself for the week. I’ve watched BB long enough to know players should never get to comfortable.

  9. In summation, Derek X was not allowed to play for HOH or the POV, so he could get sent out of the game without ever having a real chance to save himself.

    He DID play in HOH. He was .01 seconds away from winning..

    I don’t think everyone should play b/c someone could accidentally end up winning & put a target on their backs if they use/don’t use it.. What fun would that be if everyone played every week..

  10. I agree with Derrick I think all should be allowed to play veto at least this way BB can’t fix it for who they want to play because honestly WE ALL KNOW BB IS RIGGING CERTAIN ASPECTS OF THE GAME. No one knows whose chips are in that bag,production could put one persons name in there 3 times given that person a better chance of being picked just like no one knows the true outcome of America voting on things. BB needs to stop influencing the game to go the way they want it to and let the players just play. Comps are set up each week to be in favor of certain players, it’s been like this for years and I think BB finally needs a complete over haul..I remember when the HOH was not allowed to share who they were putting up with the other house guest now its the whole house deciding and the HOH going along with them. They need to get players that have minds of their own, stop with all the stupid alliances and the dumb names they all come up with. They also have way to many other twists in the game now. I understand you have to expect the unexpected but its become all about the twist for the last few seasons just go back to one or 2 twists a season and let the players actually play big brother the way it was intended to be played.

  11. All of this uproar just because we have a minority alliance doing well this year and certain folks can’t take it. They had NO PROBLEM whatsoever all the years that minorities were ushered out of the house first! Now it is suddenly a big deal? Please spare us the phony indignation and the sore loser attitude! Derek X just backdoored Christian and he had no chance to “save himself” by playing veto! Making the POV private won’t work because the POV competition itself would have to be private (so that none of the HGs know who won it). Then people would say BB rigged that. No, leave it as it is. Derrick Levasseur needs to stop trying to “rig” the show for who he wants to win.

    • No most the minorities you are talking about were just bad players and couldn’t hold back freaking out and yelling time after time digging there own graves…go back and watch the seasons you’ll see.

  12. They won’t do it, because building a VETO COMP for all those extra players would cost the show MORE MONEY. It’s strictly out of budget concerns, not about a better game.

  13. That’s the way it was when it first started everyone played in the veto and then they changed it to only 6 people play I do like the cookout put the other members of the cookout better get Kyland out as soon as they can or he is going to win the whole thing

  14. That’s the way it was when it first started everyone played in the veto and then they changed it to only the HoH and the nominees and 3other people I do like the cookout put the other members of the cookout better get Kyland out as soon as they can or he is going to win the whole thing

  15. I would like to see some changes in general. First stop with all the racial narratives. Anyone who has watched for years and I mean the feeds which show the real HG thoughts and personality are persuaded by production to say and do certain things. This has caused controversy since Season 1! Even the CO reference playing for the “cause” instead of playing with the HG they prefer. Bringing in some of the rules other Countries BB rules could be a game changer. Like Australia where they aren’t allowed to discuss who the HOH will nominate. This keeps the big alliances from dominating or targeting others. I agree with Derrick, everyone should play veto and have a chance to save themselves. The same rule should be for eviction. NO discussion on who to vote out. Again keeps groups from targeting and forces HG to play for themselves. No floating allowed!!

  16. Derek X did the same thing to Christian a few weeks ago. No, it’s not fair I agree, but why bring this up now about Derek X maybe going on the block by being backdoored when he did it himself as HOH.


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