Big Brother nominations this week: New HOH reveals BB23 noms

BB23 Endurance For HOH
An Endurance Challenge decided the new Big Brother 23 HOH. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother nominations for this week are in as the new Head of Household just revealed their official targets for the week.

The BB23 cast is down to just eight people competing for the $750,000 prize this summer and they played in an Endurance Challenge to decide who would be the new HOH.

Overnight, one-on-one meetings were held by the new HOH and they constructed a plan that has now been put in place.

For anyone who doesn’t know the Big Brother 23 spoilers about the Endurance Challenge winner, Tiffany Mitchell became HOH for the second straight week.

Big Brother nominations this week: Spoilers from the live feeds

Tiffany Mitchell has nominated Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez for eviction. The primary target this week is Alyssa, making Xavier the pawn from the BB23 cast this week.

This is a move by Tiffany to make sure that Claire Rehfuss survives another week and also so that The Cookout alliance takes six of the final seven slots for the summer.

Xavier has already expressed that he is not happy about this plan and he is telling other members of The Cookout that Tiffany is going on the block next week. That could mean Tiffany would be at risk of getting sent to the BB23 jury house if the wrong person wins the Power of Veto.

More news and notes from Big Brother 2021 season

The biggest piece of news that Big Brother fans need to be aware of is that the schedule has shifted quite a bit over the next few weeks. There are two Double Evictions, there is a Friday night episode, and there is a Sunday night with no Big Brother episode coming up soon.

Here is an updated list of BB23 episodes in September and it also shows how close we are to the season finale. That’s when the BB23 jury will return to vote on who should be the Big Brother 23 winner. Will we have a bitter jury? Will someone from The Cookout win the grand prize? We will all have to tune in to find out.

We also saw that The Cookout may have been revealed on the Big Brother live feeds to one of the people not in it. The moment was another slip-up by Tiffany this summer — like when she keyed in Hannah Chaddha on the Royal Flush alliance by accident — but she may have been able to get through this instance unscathed.

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