Who won Head of Household on Big Brother 23 last night?

Julie Chen Moonves BB23 E25
Julie Chen Moonves hosted a Big Brother episode that saw Sarah Beth Steagall get evicted. Pic credit: CBS

The person who won Head of Household on Big Brother last night made some history for themselves on the show. And that’s exactly what someone from the BB23 cast needs in order to build up their resume this summer.

Earlier in the night, Sarah Beth Steagall was evicted from the Big Brother house on a 5-1 vote. She became the third member of the BB23 jury and we will see her again when a future episode has another jury segment.

After Sarah Beth was gone, it was time to find out who would become the new HOH. To get to that point, the eight remaining houseguests went to the backyard to participate in a difficult Endurance Challenge.

Claire Rehfuss played in the challenge because she was still technically the secret HOH from the previous week, but she was not allowed to win it. She needed to drop out at some point before it reached the end.

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother last night?

Tiffany Mitchell is the new Head of Household. She outlasted everyone else in an Endurance Challenge to become the HOH during Week 9 of Big Brother 23. In doing so, she won her second straight HOH Competition, which means she has control of the house in consecutive weeks.

Since Tiffany is not at risk of getting overthrown as HOH again during Week 9, she should have a smoother week while being in charge of the game. This also guarantees that Tiffany is going to make it to the final seven and participate in the first Double Eviction episode of the summer.

More news about Big Brother this summer

A lot of changes were made to the Big Brother schedule for the rest of summer 2021. Here is an updated list of BB23 episodes in September and take note that it includes two Double Eviction nights, a special Friday night episode, and a Sunday where Big Brother won’t be airing on CBS.

Regarding the power alliance still active in the Big Brother house, The Cookout now has a clear path to the final seven if Tiffany wants to make sure that all of them survive during Week 9. It means that either Claire Rehfuss or Alyssa Lopez would become the next member of the BB23 jury, depending entirely on the upcoming Veto Competition.

Outside of the house, fans are still debating about The Cookout alliance. There are some Big Brother fans still calling The Cookout racist and it is leading to a lot of disagreements between fans of the show on social media.

Due to the two-week quarantine that was necessary before the BB23 cast even started playing the game, we are looking at a much shorter season of Big Brother this summer. That means the season finale is coming up quickly and we will know the name of the Big Brother 23 winner before the end of September.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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