Big Brother 23: Was The Cookout alliance revealed to a non-member?

Tiffany And Kyland BB23
Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young are aligned on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Cookout alliance on Big Brother 23 has done a very good job at keeping itself under the radar, all while being hidden right in plain sight.

It has actually been very interesting to watch the Big Brother summer 2021 season play out with a major alliance keeping itself intact for most of the season.

As The Cookout approached the end of another successful week inside the Big Brother house, two members of the alliance nearly revealed what has been going on.

Not only did this lead to some interesting moments on the Big Brother live feeds, but it also led to a member of The Cookout melting down for a while.

Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell talk about The Cookout in public

While getting ready for the eviction of Sarah Beth Steagall this week, Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell had a chat about The Cookout in one of the bedrooms.

It was only when they were deep into the conversation that they realized Alyssa Lopez was also in the room with them.

The conversation between Kyland and Tiffany took place on the live feeds and it was certainly a made-for-TV moment that will likely pop up on a future episode of the show.

“When did you realize that?” Tiffany asked Kyland as he pointed over to Alyssa under the covers on one of the beds.

Kyland hadn’t realized there was anyone else in the room until he happened to glance over at the bed Alyssa was on. It is still unclear if she heard anything, as she looked to be asleep on the live feeds. But wouldn’t it be interesting if she was just pretending to be asleep and that now she knows all about The Cookout alliance?

If Alyssa does know, she wouldn’t bring it up to one of the members of The Cookout if she didn’t have to. Maybe we will get to see her mention it during a Diary Room session. It’s also possible that she didn’t hear anything and that she will have a good laugh when she sees the footage after the season has ended.

Some spoilers from Big Brother 23

We have some Big Brother 23 spoilers that have come from the live feeds following the eviction of Sarah Beth Steagall.

Tiffany Mitchell won the Endurance Challenge, making her the Head of Household again. It was a big win, not just for her, but also for The Cookout alliance.

With control over the house again, Tiffany already planned out her nominees for the week. It didn’t go over well with everyone, especially since several members of The Cookout are pretty upset with Tiffany for winning another challenge.

Moving forward, we could see some additional drama within The Cookout because there are different splinter factions of that group that want to make it all the way to the final two.

What could make everything very interesting over the next few weeks is the news from Julie Chen Moonves that the Big Brother schedule now has two Double Evictions on it.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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