Big Brother: Nicole Anthony shares new photos with boyfriend Brian Lefty Fontanez

Nicole Anthony BB22
Nicole Anthony has been a Big Brother houseguest two different times. Pic credit: CBS

Former Big Brother houseguest Nicole Anthony shared some new photos to her Instagram account of new boyfriend Brian Lefty Fontanez.

The four photos that Nicole shared are presented much like a couple would look in a photo booth. In them, the couple uses different facial expressions to have some fun.

It was very recently that Nicole revealed her new guy friend on social media, which ended up coming as a welcome surprise to a lot of her fans. Some of those fans had wondered if she might end up dating someone else from Big Brother.

Now, we have some more photos of the couple enjoying their time together, and hopefully there is more to come from them in the near future.

Nicole and Brian Instagram photos

With a group of four new photos, Nicole wrote, “my heart” on her Instagram post.

Already, the couple has received a lot of well-wishes and likes, including a note from Big Brother 21 houseguest Christie Murphy.

After Nicole finished in third place on Big Brother 21, she was invited back to take part in Big Brother All-Stars 2. Her second time on the show didn’t go quite as well, as she became an early target and was the second person evicted from the house.

Nicole has returned to doing podcasts, with quite a few former Big Brother houseguests stopping by to chat with her and her podcast partner. That includes one where Christmas Abbott was a guest and they discussed the impact that Janelle Pierzina had on Nicole’s personal game.

More Big Brother news

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo got married earlier this month. The couple also had a baby gender reveal where everyone learned that they are having a boy. Following those big events, Nicole has been sharing more content on social media about their lives.

Over on Big Brother Canada, the show introduced a new twist called the Invisible HOH. It’s something that could be interesting to see on the USA version of the show, even though it might not have worked as well as some fans had hoped. Going an entire week without the cast knowing who the HOH was could have provided a lot of interesting moments.

As for the return of Big Brother USA, the people behind the scenes are working on the BB23 cast. There has been a request by the casting director for more people to apply to be on the show, possibly giving them an even deeper pool of people to decide upon.

The Big Brother 2021 season should begin in the month of June.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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