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Big Brother Invisible HOH: Could Canada twist work on USA show?

Arisa Cox BBCAN Host
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox had a twist for the BBCAN9 cast. Pic credit: Global TV

A Big Brother Invisible HOH is being used on Season 9 of the Canadian version of the show. The new twist was introduced on BBCAN9 last night, raising some interesting questions about how it could possibly be implemented on the USA version of the show.

There are still many questions about how the upcoming week will work for the Big Brother Canada cast, especially since the new Head of Household is going to be a secret. Will the new HOH be able to keep their secret? Will the television audience get clued in right away?

The possibilities seem endless in this scenario. It will increase the number of eyes that will tune in for the next episode, while also increasing the drama within the house. The BBCAN9 cast members won’t know who to trust for the next week.

At its center, this is a really unique way of doing things. It’s possible that the Invisible HOH outs themselves right away and that it takes away some of the potential drama (like when the BB22 cast learned about a Triple Eviction ahead of time), but there is the chance that this could go down as one of the more memorable twists the reality competition show has seen.

What is the Big Brother Invisible HOH?

The new Head of Household Competition was played individually and the results were kept a secret from the viewers and the BBCAN9 cast members. Someone has become the new HOH and they will then get to nominate two people in secret.

The intent of the twist is for the Invisible HOH to remain hidden for the entire week. They will be one of the players in the Veto Competition and in order to try to maintain the secret, they will also be able to participate in next week’s HOH Competition as well. If it is pulled off perfectly, it’s possible for this HOH to remain a secret all season.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how it will work from a fan standpoint, but the bones are there for this to be a spectacular twist.

Could an Invisible HOH work on Big Brother USA?

The Invisible HOH twist definitely seems like something that could work perfectly on Big Brother USA. It might even work better in the U.S. version due to how house splits have taken place in recent seasons.

If the Head of Household can remain anonymous while also holding all the power for the week, it increases the likelihood that someone would target a houseguest with perceived power. Within the Big Brother 22 cast, it could have given someone like Tyler Crispen a shot to target someone from the alliance in power much earlier – all while cloaked in secrecy.

Hopefully, the rest of the week plays out well for the BBCAN9 cast and the producers are able to keep the secret of the Invisible HOH intact. It would be really cool to watch an entire season playing out without anyone else being able to figure out who the secret HOH was for the week. That could lead to some great drama on a series finale.

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