Big Brother Canada was shelved, but fans pushing hard to save it

Big Brother Canada has been placed on hiatus and “shelved” again, putting the show at risk of being canceled. It has led to a push from fans to save the show all with the hope that Global TV will see the support and order Season 13. Big Brother Canada Season 12 ended in May 2024.


Big Brother 26: Should BB USA adopt Power of Veto rules from BB Canada?

The Big Brother Power of Veto can be a valuable tool to shake up nominations during weekly gameplay. A nominee who has won the Power of Veto can use it as a lifeline to get off the block, while a Head of Household can backdoor someone. But that latter option is not something used on


Big Brother live feeds were canceled for the 2023 Canada season

Big Brother live feeds have been shelved ahead of the new season in Canada. The shocking announcement was just made by the Big Brother Canada Twitter account, leading to a lot of surprised fans. “Attention BBCAN fam! As we head into Season 11, Big Brother Canada’s Live Feeds are evolving,” began a new post designed


Big Brother Canada, Survivor Australia to begin streaming in the U.S.

Big Brother fans and Survivor fans in the United States are going to get some very nice treats over the next few weeks. Some fans of those shows have already found a way to watch seasons of Big Brother Canada and Survivor Australia, but it is about to become much easier for anyone who has


Big Brother Invisible HOH: Could Canada twist work on USA show?

A Big Brother Invisible HOH is being used on Season 9 of the Canadian version of the show. The new twist was introduced on BBCAN9 last night, raising some interesting questions about how it could possibly be implemented on the USA version of the show. There are still many questions about how the upcoming week


Big Brother Canada now sponsored by TikTok, will have a TikTok POV

TikTok is now a Big Brother Canada sponsor. Not only that, but the BBCAN9 cast will take part in a Power of Veto challenge that is TikTok-themed. As Global TV gets ready for Season 9 of Big Brother Canada, it has been working hard to increase the buzz surrounding the show. That included revealing a


Big Brother Canada house image released ahead of Season 9

A new season of Big Brother Canada is getting ready to start and some house images have been teased ahead of Season 9. The BBCAN9 house looks a lot different than what the American audience has gotten used to with its California-based location. And the new-look house for Big Brother Canada 9 seems to pay


Big Brother casting: Deadline to apply for BBCAN9 arrives this week

Big Brother casting is just about at an end for the Canadian installment of the reality competition show. While the latest season of Big Brother USA just came to an end, it’s full speed ahead for the new season of Big Brother Canada. Global is going to be showing the new BBCAN season in spring