Big Brother Canada, Survivor Australia to begin streaming in the U.S.

Arisa Cox Global CBB
Arisa Cox is back to host a new season of Big Brother Canada. Pic credit: Global

Big Brother fans and Survivor fans in the United States are going to get some very nice treats over the next few weeks.

Some fans of those shows have already found a way to watch seasons of Big Brother Canada and Survivor Australia, but it is about to become much easier for anyone who has Paramount+.

This is a huge deal because it will allow the U.S. Big Brother fans to watch additional seasons of the show (based in Canada) before Big Brother 24 arrives in Summer 2022.

And for the U.S. Survivor fans, things are about to open up in a really big way, because the new season of Survivor Australia will begin streaming as it is debuting Down Under.

Big Brother Canada coming to Paramount+

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox just shared a huge announcement on social media that impacts everyone that uses Paramount+.

“Pssst… it’s been a long time coming for our international fans! Big Brother Canada seasons 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 will be streaming on Paramount+ come Feb 16!!! Holluuurrr @BigBrotherCA,” Arisa Cox just posted on Twitter.

This is going to give Big Brother fans living in the United States a lot of additional content to easily watch online. And it’s definitely a fun experience to see how the reality competition show works in different countries.

Survivor Australia’s new season on Paramount+

Currently, the first six seasons of Survivor Australia can be streamed through Paramount+. On January 31, a new season of the hit show will begin airing in Australia, and those new episodes will also be made available online to fans in the United States.

This is a huge piece of news, especially with how many Survivor fans living in the U.S. have enjoyed watching previous seasons of the show filmed in Australia. To make it even more interesting, two-time American Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine is actually a cast member for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

Filmed in Queensland, we are all about to find out if Sandra was able to get a new crown Down Under.

New seasons of Celebrity Big Brother and Survivor in the United States

A new season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is about to arrive in the United States. According to the Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode schedule, it all begins on Wednesday, February 2 with a big season premiere.

This new BBCeleb cast will be announced as the start date gets a bit closer, and it will be a brand new group of people playing the game this winter. Stay tuned, because we will make sure to share the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list as soon as we get it.

Then, this spring, Survivor 42 is going to debut on CBS. The Survivor 42 start date is March 9 and as that date gets closer, CBS will also start advertising more and sharing extensive bios for each of the players.

Some fresh Survivor rumors also hint at themes and casts for the seasons that will air next year. Some of the possible themes sound really interesting.

Big Brother Canada begins streaming on February 16 and Survivor Australia 9 begins streaming on January 31 through Paramount+.

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1 year ago

Nice to see delusional hypocritical American sociopolitical ideology creeping into another countries reality tv show rules.. ala “come on in GUYS!” no more. How pathetic is that. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five!

1 year ago

^ True but at least they aren’t doing the absurd 50/50 non-reality CBS diversity chart crap. The hispanic expat contestant and daughter will be eliminated early I am sure and with zero “African” contestants this season means it’ll be straight up full on fun game play, as it should always be!