Survivor rumors: Future season themes, cast makeups may have leaked

Survivor 41's Final Three
Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, and Xander Hastings were the Survivor Season 41 final three. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor rumors about what types of players will be used on upcoming seasons and possible themes for those seasons may have been leaked recently.

As most Survivor fans know by now, Season 42 of the hit reality competition show debuts this March. That cast is made up entirely of new people, bringing in a lot of fresh faces to the show.

Since the end of Survivor 41, many fans of the show have been focused on the results and not necessarily what might come up next. There is even a new GoFundMe page to reward Xander Hastings for his appearance.

Survivor fans don’t need to worry that much, though, because Xander got paid very well to be on Season 41.

Rumors about Survivor 43, Survivor 44, and Survivor 45

“Survivor 43 and 44 will be newbies. The plan is for 45 to be a Second Chance 2 season but Jeff may want heroes vs villains. #Survivor,” reads a new Twitter post from an account named SpoilerGirl1 that posts often about Big Brother, Survivor, and CBS soap operas.

This would make sense, as Season 40 brought back 20 past winners to compete in an ultimate season of the show, and now the producers are trying to build up a new era of the show. Having seasons 41 through 44 all be new cast members will set up fan-favorites for action later on down the road.

Survivor Newbie Rumors
Some rumors about upcoming Survivor casts. Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

Rumors about future Survivor themes

There are also some rumors about the possible themes of upcoming Survivor seasons, with the show producers always willing to try something new to spark interest in that particular season.

According to that same Twitter account (@Spoilergirl1), possible themes that have been discussed include a season of rivals, having a season of just finalists who came up short, bringing back an entire cast to have them play again, and even a season of Democrats vs Republicans vs Independents.

One of the really interesting Survivor theme rumors is bringing back a group of people who got voted first to battle against a group of people who finished in fourth place during their respective seasons. That would be pretty interesting to see, as everyone on that potential cast would have something to prove.

Survivor Theme Rumors
Rumors about future Survivor themes were revealed. Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

Survivor 42 debuts in Spring 2022

As a reminder, the new season of Survivor begins airing in Spring 2022. The new group of castaways already filmed their season in Fiji and the season premiere is arriving on Wednesday, March 9.

For Survivor fans who want to go back and watch Survivor Season 41, the episodes are all available for streaming through Paramount+.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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