Xander Hastings got paid well on Survivor 41, despite GoFundMe efforts

Xander And Probst Hug Survivor 41
Xander Hastings got a hug from Survivor host Jeff Probst after winning the final Immunity Challenge on Season 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 introduced Xander Hastings to fans of the show, and quite a few of those fans felt he should have won the season.

Ultimately, it was Erika Casupanan who was named the Sole Survivor, with the Season 41 jury giving her 87.5 percent of the votes.

Despite him finishing in third place — DeShawn Radden got a vote and finished in second place — Xander did end up taking away a nice chunk of prize money from the show.

A new GoFundMe page for Xander has been set up by a Survivor fan who feels that he needs to be rewarded even more. It has become a way for some fans to show that they felt Xander deserved a fan-favorite award from playing well on Season 41.

How much money did Xander win on Survivor 41?

Assuming the prize money remained the same for Survivor 41 that it was for previous seasons and that it didn’t increase, then Xander Hastings won $85,000 for finishing in third place. No, it isn’t the $1 million that Erika won for becoming the Sole Survivor, but it is a pretty nice prize for a 26-day season.

Host Jeff Probst and the show’s producers don’t often speak about the cash prizes that the rest of the Survivor cast members leave the show with, but the fact is that everyone gets paid to be on the show. That is a typical facet of nearly every reality competition show you see on television.

Xander could get invited back for a future Survivor season

Based on all of the fan support that Xander Hastings has received during and after Survivor Season 41, it’s expected that we will get to see him compete on the show again. Xander is pretty young, the producers of the show like providing second chances, and it would certainly be very interesting to see if Xander changes up his strategies if he gets invited back.

For now, we can start focusing on the Survivor 42 cast, which will get its time to shine in primetime this spring. The new season of the show debuts on Wednesday, March 9, with filming already having been completed in Fiji.

CBS hasn’t started heavily advertising for the show just yet, especially since there are a number of other reality competition shows that the network wants people to tune in for over the next few months.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, a new season of The Amazing Race just began with a new cast. Those episodes are airing Wednesday nights on CBS and will continue doing so until the Survivor 42 season gets cooking.

CBS is also about to roll out a new season of Big Brother. A fresh logo for Celebrity Big Brother 3 just dropped and it is already creating a lot of positive buzz for the upcoming season.

The final Survivor 41 ratings also came in, showing how beloved the show continues to be for television viewers. It looks like the show could be around for many more years, and that’s a great piece of news for Survivor fans who have been watching the hit show for more than 20 years now.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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