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The Amazing Race cast: New group of racers features American hero, reality TV stars, and The Holderness Family

The Amazing Race 33 Premiere
Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler racing on The Amazing Race 33 premiere. Pic credit: CBS

The Amazing Race cast for Season 33 finally gets to debut Wednesday night on CBS.

For the season premiere, CBS has given the racers a two-hour episode, beginning at 8/7c on Wednesday, January 5.

After the debut episode, the show will slide back into its regular timeslot of 9/8c each Wednesday night on CBS. Pretty soon, CBS is going to be rolling out a new season of Celebrity Big Brother that will have episodes at 8/7c on Wednesdays.

As for this new Amazing Race cast, there are a few very notable players that could grab the attention of viewers at home.

Below we reveal some of the most recognizable names and then there are brief bios for each of the 11 teams that competed for the $1 million prize on this 33rd season of The Amazing Race.

Notable members of The Amazing Race 33 cast

Spencer Stone, who is pictured above with his teammate and friend Anthony Sadler, became a worldwide hero when he and two friends stopped a terrorist attack on a train in Paris. The story became a movie called The 15:17 to Paris that Clint Eastwood put together.

People who watch a lot of YouTube videos or enjoy watching videos on Instagram and Facebook will likely recognize Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness right away. The married couple runs a YouTube channel called The Holderness Family that presents hilarious content almost daily. It will be interesting to see them out in the real world (in a fashion) as The Amazing Race gets started.

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And it wouldn’t be a season of The Amazing Race without a couple coming from the world of reality television. Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt met on a recent season of Love Island USA and now we get to see them racing around the world for a huge cash prize.

Some of the other teams that should be a lot of fun include a duo of singing police officers, the requisite teams comprised of family members, a few couples, and even a set of identical twins that should be very challenging for viewers to tell apart as the season plays out.

If it doesn’t get mentioned during the opening segment by Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, this season of TAR actually started filming right before the pandemic began. It means there could be a different look and feel to the show as it plays out for viewers.

Quick bios for The Amazing Race 33 cast members

Below are the 11 teams competing, listed in alphabetical order and presenting a quick way to see who is racing this season.

  • Akbar Cook Sr. (45) and Sheridan Cook (44) – Married educators from New Jersey.
  • Anthony Sadler (29) and Spencer Stone (29) – Public speakers and childhood friends from Calfiornia.
  • Armonde “Moe” Badger (42) and Michael Norwood (26) – Singing police officers from New York.
  • Arun Kuman (56) and Natalia Kumar (28)  – A father and daughter from Michigan.
  • Caro Viehweg (22) and Ray Gantt (25) – Love Island USA couple.
  • Connie Greiner (37) and Sam Greiner (39) – Married couple from North Carolina.
  • Dusty Harris (38) and Ryan Ferguson (37) – Best friends from Missouri.
  • Kim Holderness (45) and Penn Holderness (47) – YouTube stars known as The Holderness Family from North Carolina.
  • Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez (37) and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez (37) – Radio personalities and identical twins from New Jersey.
  • Raquel Moore (31) and Cayla Platt (30) – Flight attendant friends from Chicago and Florida.
  • Taylor Green-Jones (38) and Isiah Green-Jones (31) – Married couple from Oregon.
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The Amazing Race 33 debuts on January 5 at 8/7c and then moves to Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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