Love Island USA couple joins The Amazing Race for Season 33

Caro and Ray on The Amazing Race
Caro and Ray on The Amazing Race. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA will be represented on another reality show as a couple from the first season has signed on to the new season of The Amazing Race.

We previously revealed the full cast lineup for the new season of The Amazing Race, which included radio personalities, public speakers, a war hero, and a couple from Love Island USA.

The Love Island USA duo is Caro Viehweg (22) and Ray Gantt (25) and here is what you need to know.

Who are Caro and Ray from Love Island USA?

The first season of Love Island USA aired in 2019, with Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber winning the prize at the end of the season.

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg and Raymond “Ray” Gantt were extremely popular as well and finished in third place for the season. Caro was a Day 1 original and Ray joined up on Day 15.

Caro originally hooked up with Cashel but was left single when he moved on to Kyra on Day 3 during a re-coupling.

Caro moved on to Cormac, but she was left single when they ended up in the bottom couples. The Islanders had to vote out one member of each couple, and they sent Cormac home on Day 12.

Ray showed up on Day 15 and hooked up with Caro on Day 18 and the two made it to the finals.

This was big because America kept Caro at the bottom of most voting, with her coming across as a player. However, when Ray arrived, the two connected and she appeared to finally find the perfect coupling.

The problem came after Season 1 ended and Caro and Ray broke off their relationship.

Caro and Ray reunite for The Amazing Race

While Caro and Ray broke up after Love Island USA, they appeared earlier this year to be considering a different reality show.

It was rumored that Ray would be showing up on Ex On The Beach Season 5 and that Caro might be the ex who also shows up.

However, the two will now be on a much less dramatic reality show, with them joining The Amazing Race.

Caro already celebrated the announcement on her IG Stories with the question, “Y’all ready to see me on the TV screen again?”

carovii IG
Pic credit: @caroviee/Instagram

Ray actually made an IG post celebrating the moment with a photo of him and Caro together.

“LETS GOOOO! After almost 2 long years, Season 33 of the Amazing Race is finally here,” he wrote in the caption.

“I wanna give a BIG S/O to my teammate for being a savage and showing the world her competitive side,” he continued. “Also to my dope a** cast for making HISTORY and being the first and only season to race during a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC! Put some respecccct on our names!”

 Love Island USA is on hiatus. The Amazing Race debuts on January 5 on CBS.

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