Celebrity Big Brother tease comes from Julie Chen Moonves as she marks a big day

JCM Hosts BB
Julie Chen Moonves is back this winter to host a new season of Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3 arrives this February and as the new year gets started, the anticipation from Big Brother fans only increases.

Today, host Julie Chen Moonves dropped a note and an image on social media to get fans buzzing, and it certainly worked.

For any Big Brother fans who don’t realize it, we are now just a month away from watching the first episode of CBBUSA3, and that’s exactly what Julie wanted to tell her social media followers.

A new group of celebrities is playing the game this winter, and while we do have to wait a while longer for the new cast reveal, it’s exciting to think how close we are to seeing the front doors to the Big Brother house open again.

Julie Chen Moonves teases arrival of Celebrity Big Brother 3

“New Year. New Season. We’re back in One Month! Who’s excited for #BBCeleb?” Julie posted on Twitter.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition finally returns to CBS

CBS decided it was time to bring back its celebrity version of Big Brother in order to compete with the winter Olympics again. For the past few years, the network has not had a celebrity season air in the winter, but 2022 will look a little different in primetime.

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 season premiere arrives on Wednesday, February 2, and then it is off to the races with a lot of additional episodes during the month. There is even a special Super Bowl Sunday episode for Big Brother fans to watch.

And speaking of being off to the races, a new season of The Amazing Race is also airing on CBS this winter. It will be in the 9/8c timeslot on Wednesdays, so right after that CBB 3 season premiere, viewers can stay tuned in for that week’s new episode of The Amazing Race 33.

Hopefully, the celebrities that get brought in to play this new season of Big Brother are all dedicated to playing the entire run, and that none of them want to quit after finding out how hard it is to be sequestered away from the rest of the world.

For newer Big Brother fans who haven’t watched the celebrity version, here is a breakdown of the first two USA Celebrity Big Brother seasons.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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