Celebrity Big Brother 3 logo leans into the Winter 2022 season

Julie Chen CBB2
Julie Chen Moonves is excited to be back as the CBB USA host. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 logo has been revealed, and it plays right into the winter theme of the new season.

A new cast of celebrities will be playing the game in Winter 2022, with the start date arriving on February 2.

Some Celebrity Big Brother rumored cast members were shared online, possibly looking at who might be residing in the house very soon.

There is also a new CBB3 TV commercial running on CBS, though it doesn’t provide a lot of footage since the cast has not yet been announced.

A look at the Celebrity Big Brother 3 logo

Below is what the new logo looks like for the Winter 2022 season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. It lays out a red carpet for the new group of celebrities while also leaning hard into a snowy theme. Since it’s being filmed in California, the CBBUS3 cast likely won’t see much white stuff.

What to expect from Celebrity Big Brother 3

This is a winter celebrity version of Big Brother intended to compete with the Winter Olympics on NBC and provide Big Brother fans with something to watch in between the summer seasons.

All of the episodes for Celebrity Big Brother 3 will play out during February 2022, with the celebrities getting to play a much shorter version of the reality competition show.

A bonus Super Bowl Sunday episode awaits fans this winter, which should be a nice treat for anyone who isn’t a football fan. And since the season is shorter than a typical summer installment, something exciting is bound to happen almost every day.

Since we are getting very close to the February 2 start date, the celebrities playing the game have likely already been contacted and notified that they are on the CBBUSA3 cast. They will go through testing and a quarantine period before entering the Big Brother house.

As noted above, Julie Chen Moonves is back to host another season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, and she is already teasing fans about it on social media. We definitely expect even more posts from her to come as the season premiere draws closer.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, a new season of The Amazing Race just began with a new cast. New episodes of that show will also be airing each Wednesday night during February.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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