Celebrity Big Brother TV commercial running for Winter 2022 season

Julie Chen Hosting BB Again
Big Brother fans will get to see Julie Chen Moonves return as the host this winter. Pic credit: CBS

A new Celebrity Big Brother TV commercial is popping up on CBS, heavily hinting at how close we are to getting a new season.

The downside is that this new TV spot doesn’t include the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, but rather serves as a reminder of what’s to come.

We still have a while longer until the CBBUSA3 cast will get announced, with a new group of houseguests beginning to play the game in February.

As a reminder, the Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date is on Wednesday, February 2.

The new Celebrity Big Brother TV promo

Below is the brief Celebrity Big Brother 3 promo that CBS is currently airing on TV. There isn’t a lot to see, and we get an odd appearance from Zingbot, who is very unlikely to take part in a celebrity version of the show. No celebrities want to go in the Big Brother house and get made fun of by production.

A new Celebrity Big Brother cast this winter

Big Brother fans are going to get to watch a brand new group of celebrities playing the game this winter. These will not be returning houseguests or anyone who has played the U.S. version of Big Brother before, but rather celebrities likely from the worlds of reality television, sports, and other walks of life.

The season also isn’t a very long one, with the entire run taking place during the month of February. The intent of CBS bringing the show back was to provide alternative programming to people who don’t want to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics. The sporting event is also running for most of February, with the NBC channels carrying those events.

The Big Brother live feeds will also likely get turned back on, giving subscribers a chance to see what the celebrities are up to outside of the episode schedule. That was an interesting way to look behind the scenes during the previous two U.S. celebrity seasons, but it also revealed that several people were very intent on quitting the game.

Hopefully, when the full Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list gets revealed, it will be packed with people who are familiar with the game and who really want to do everything it takes to win a season of the show. A big cash prize is on the line again, so it will be worth their time and effort to do well.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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