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Survivor fan starts up new Xander Hastings GoFundMe page, explains why she closed the first one

Xander On Survivor
Xander Hastings finished in third place on the Fall 2021 season of Survivor. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 fans are still split on how the season came to an end, with some viewers still feeling that Xander Hastings should have won.

On the season finale, it was Erika Casupanan who won the $1 million prize as she got seven of the eight votes from the Survivor 41 jury.

The results led to a fan creating a GoFundMe account in order to reward Xander, who she called “the true winner” of the season.

That original GoFundMe account was closed and the supporters were refunded. It left many Survivor fans with questions about what had taken place.

Now, the user going by the name Eva Walker has returned with a new GoFundMe page and an explanation as to why she closed out the first page.

A new GoFundMe page for Survivor’s Xander Hastings

“The reason I shut it down and refunded everyone myself is because I falsely thought that in order to have a campaign for Xander I had to have his permission. That is not the case at all it turns out,[sic]” Eva Walker wrote to Monsters & Critics.

“After contacting gofundme they said that I am indeed allowed to have one running even if he is currently unaware of it. When Xander becomes aware of the campaign and let’s say in the offchance he doesn’t approve then he can ask for the campaign to be taken down,” Eva Walker went on to state.

Strong support from the first campaign and a strong belief by Eva that Xander needs to be rewarded for his Survivor 41 appearance led to her creating a brand new GoFundMe page.

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“I 100% believe it can hit 100k as I’ve received hundreds of e-mails begging me to continue fundraising and asking why I had stopped the first one. I believe once we raise more money Xander will be made aware of the campaign,” Eva explained.

The new campaign to reward Xander Hastings after Survivor 41

“I think the majority vote of Survivor fans nationwide would be that Xander was a great player with an even greater heart of gold. He displayed such sincere emotion and kindness towards his fellow castaways. He was a true joy to watch. As many of you know Survivor has gotten rid of the fan favorite award. I thought it would be a fun idea if we the fans gave Xander, who’s currently a college student, the Fan Favorite Award ourselves! All proceeds will go to Xander Hastings!” reads the message on the new GoFundMe page that has been set up for Xander’s fans.

At the publishing of this article, the new GoFundMe page for Xander Hastings was up to $345 with a goal of reaching $100,000. Several of the Survivor fans who have donated money have also left comments of support for the page and for the way that Xander played on his season.

Xander Hastings a good player for future Survivor season

The support that Xander has received after playing on Survivor 41 has been quite impressive and it certainly shows that many people would like to see him play the game again. When the producers decide to have another season with returning players, he might be near the top of the list. It would certainly be interesting to see how he could do if given a second chance.

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We won’t see Xander as part of the Survivor 42 cast, though, as that season has already been filmed. The Season 42 cast will finally get a chance to see themselves on TV during Spring 2022.

And in other news, the final Survivor 41 ratings have also come in, with the show ranking at the top of all entertainment programs on television. It’s very clear, even after quite a few years, that Survivor fans want to keep watching new seasons of the reality competition show.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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  1. You go girl! Xander 100% earned and deserves the cash. We all know why he didnt even get one single vote, yet that crybaby and racist Deshawn did?! Erika, as nice as she seems, would have been axed early on if not for Xander and the new luck “twists” introduced. Her game was pure luck, Deshawns was pure luck and racism. Xander played the game superbly and not winning or even getting 1 vote is absolutely pathetic.

    • Xander made one move the entire game and it wasn’t even his idea (Tiffany and Evvie were the ones that came up with the plan to screw over Liana’s advantage). When exactly did he save Erika? When he took her to the F3? I’d say that’s less saving her and more ruining his chances, since he never had a chance of beating her (but he though she was a non-threat, Xander wasn’t exactly the most aware). He got lucky that the producers liked him and showed him in a nice light, if it had been anybody else, he would’ve been a non-entity on the show (see Heather, who was more relevant than Xander at many points in the post-merge and would’ve also beaten Xander in a F3).

  2. Oh god. Clearly youre just another typical dumb delusional anti-white-male racist POS. Xander crushed all and deserved to win. Period.


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