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Survivor fan creates GoFundMe page to reward castaway Xander Hastings

Xander At Survivor Finale
Xander Hastings played on Survivor Season 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Many Survivor fans were shocked when Xander Hastings made it to the end but then failed to win Survivor Season 41.

As seen in the image above, Xander was pretty emotional during the season finale, which saw him finish in third place.

On the finale for Survivor 41, it was Erika Casupanan who won the $1 million prize.

Despite finishing in third place, Xander did win a lot of money on Survivor, but one fan feels that he deserves more accolades than simply the third-place winnings.

A GoFundMe page for Xander Hastings from Survivor 41

“I think the majority vote of Survivor fans nationwide would be that Xander was the true winner of Survivor Season 41. I thought what better way to send a message to the show that we the fans are upset with the outcome than for all of us to rally together and show how passionate we are that Xander was the winner in our eyes,” reads the opening statement to a new GoFundMe page created by a user named Eva Walker.

The user also wrote that “I’m just a regular 25 year old who’s a big fan of Survivor. I was disheartened by this season’s outcome and wanted to do something about it!”

And according to Eva, “all proceeds could go to Xander, who’s currently a college student, because he was such a sincerely kind player who did indeed outwit, outplay, outlast!”

Another season of Survivor is on the way at CBS

Even though there were a number of Survivor fans who were disappointed in the outcome of Season 41, a new season of the hit reality competition show airs this spring on CBS.

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There are already some rumored Survivor 42 cast bios you can read here, which gives a look at who was in Fiji to compete in this new season of the show. Filming was already completed, and they will soon get to watch their season play out in primetime.

We also have a few Survivor 42 spoilers that have been revealed, including the return of a controversial twist that first appeared on Survivor 41. Will the twist be more accepted now that viewers are familiar with it? It could be interesting to see how a different cast deals with it.

And for anyone who hasn’t heard about it yet, a new “Survivor for celebrities” show is coming this spring. Do any of these celebrities have what it takes to win the challenges? We shall see.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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  1. Did anyone else notice the wording? The proceeds “could” go to him. Not the proceeds “will” go to him. So technically this person could raise a huge amount and keep it.

  2. I don’t believe it was the money as much as the notoriety of winning the game that Xander wanted. Ricard and Xander were the best players. I can’t even remember the girls name. Sad that the jurors vote on feelings instead of who played the game really well. I’m disappointed in this Survivor.

  3. What a joke! I can’t believe you can set up a go fund me for such a ridiculous reason. There are people in the world who really need help and support and you’re asking for money because you didn’t like the outcome of a TV show?! You should be ashamed of yourself. Xander, you should’ve shut this down immediately, same goes for you, CBS, and all the individuals in charge of Survivor. Pathetic.

  4. I too believe Xander should have won. I have watched survivor from the beginning, and the famous saying, out wit, out play. I won’t watch it anymore if it is going to be about color, or nationality, or sex, gay, straight. May they be judged on how well they play..

  5. Given the fact that Xander received 0 votes, obviously due to being a straight white male, yet the temper tantrum racist DeShawn who accomplished absolutely nothing but making a fool out of himself got 1 vote and more money, im all for the Xander getting some extra cash movement.

  6. How does this person know Xander to give him the money? Unless she is a relative or affiliated with the show, pretty sure you’re just funding her.

  7. And are you old enough to look back at season where other survivors didn’t win and should have according to you? And I hope you don’t think there is that many who believe he should have won because you feel bad that he didn’t get votes, life isn’t fair
    This isn’t one of those things where you get a trophy for just showing up

  8. This season, Xander wasnt even a top 5 player. So many played a better game.

    1. Ricard
    2. Erika
    3. Shan
    4. Danny
    5. Deshawn, Evvie
    6. Xander

    Having no real alliance, no influence, not recognizing that you were leaving the best player in the game at final 3, doesn’t add up to a win.

  9. Every year the contestant that should win doesn’t because they are ganged up on from tribe members. The tribe votes people out that they think could beat them out. So most seasons the best player never wins. Erica rode on people’s coat tails. IN my opinion she didn’t deserve to win.
    Sometimes it’s just a popularity contest.

  10. Xander was a dope for not making Erika make fire. He realized that when he saw she couldn’t do it BEFORE Tribal Council, so he had the chance to change his mind but didn’t do it. None of the Final Four were my favorites but since Shan and Ricard had been voted out, Erika was the best one left. BTW — Ricard played a good game but struck me as a sore loser at the Final Tribal Council. No one deserves to win, dude.

  11. We all know who really won and we all knew the winner would not be white no matter what at any and all costs. CBS made sure of that. Yawn. The very best moment in the entire season, and the only reason to watch, was Xander owning that racist bvffalo soldier Liana when her dumbass tried to steal his fake idol.. the dumb crybaby look on her face was priceless!!! All in all, I am just happy none of those racist “african” (as if) americans won :))

  12. youre an idiot. the game is outwit, outlast and outplay – xander did all of that. regardless, hes white so no matter who he was up against in the end, save 2 other whites, the outcome would be same because the jury was 80% anti-white racist and gay. if your favorite was shan, clearly youre a “bvffalo soldier hypocrite” racist too and can gfys. bye felicia!


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