Big Brother Canada house image released ahead of Season 9

Big Brother Canada 9 House
New images from Big Brother Canada 9 have been revealed of the house. Pic credit: Global TV

A new season of Big Brother Canada is getting ready to start and some house images have been teased ahead of Season 9. The BBCAN9 house looks a lot different than what the American audience has gotten used to with its California-based location.

And the new-look house for Big Brother Canada 9 seems to pay homage to what happened last season when the cast had to abandon the game as the coronavirus pandemic started to sweep around the world. The BBCAN8 cast never even got to finish their season, with the house being left to rot (thematically).

The overgrown look of the house shows how much work the production crew put into coming up with a unique theme for the BBCAN9 cast. It’s going to be very intriguing to see how this plays out and if it will also impact how the challenges are run this season. And, it will also be interesting to see if this is all due to the Have Not Room taking over the entire house.

When it comes to teases that are designed to get a fan base buzzing, this was a spectacular move by the people at Global TV and the production team for the show. It definitely gets social media chatting about what’s going to happen next with the BBCAN9 cast.

Hopefully, we will get to see more than just the Living Room wall in additional photos released for the new season.

When does Big Brother Canada 9 begin?

The season premiere for the BBCAN9 cast is on Wednesday, March 3. Fans of the show will be able to watch new episodes on Global TV and also through online portals.

As you can see from the countdown images that are popping up online, Arisa Cox is returning as the Big Brother Canada host. There had been concerns that the show wasn’t even going to happen this year, but she helped usher in a new season. There will be additional safety precautions in place to keep everyone healthy during an ongoing pandemic, but the network is working hard to pull it off.

Big Brother 22 in the United States proved that it could be done because once they got the BB22 cast up and running, the entire cast avoided contracting COVID-19. Sure, there were some positive tests that eliminated some people before the season began, but once everything was up and running, it appeared to go very smoothly.

Big Brother Canada hints?

How about some images from the network about what’s to come this season on Big Brother Canada? The images below were just shared on Instagram and fans are already busy guessing about what they could mean. But what does it all mean? Take a long look and see if you can figure out what the clues depict.

Big Brother Canada debuts March 3 on Global TV.

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