Big Brother winner Josh Martinez explains why BB22 appearance did not happen

Josh Martinez BB19
Josh Martinez had been set to be a member of the BB22 cast as a returning winner. Pic credit: CBS

Josh Martinez was supposed to be a part of the Big Brother 22 cast but ended up getting sent home before he got a chance to compete a second time.

Originally, Josh was a member of the Big Brother 19 cast, where he beat out Paul Abrahamian in the jury vote. He took home the $500,000 prize that season, but a lot of fans and BB19 jurors felt that it was Paul losing rather than Josh winning that season.

The plan was for Josh to then become a member of the BB22 cast and prove that he could win the show a second time. But it didn’t end up going as planned for him, and he instead ended up on a new season of The Challenge for MTV.

So, what happened? Well, the information had been floating around social media for a long time, with several rumors about why Josh didn’t make the final cut for the BB22 cast. He has now given an official interview about what took place.

Why was Josh Martinez sent home from Big Brother 22?

As Josh tells it in a new interview that is shared below, he was in sequester for the summer 2020 season of Big Brother and undergoing continuous tests for COVID-19.

“I go into sequester, I was in there 15 days, and I did get COVID a month before,” Josh said about his preparation for returning to Big Brother.

“So, I did get sick. I was sick for like two weeks. It was the worst. Like I felt the worst I’ve ever in my life. So I was sick, but I thought at that point I was fine, cause we had to take rapid tests right before we left. They came back negative,” Josh explained.

“I took like three consecutive negatives while I was in lockdown quarantine doing the photoshoots and doing everything. I had a positive come back and another positive come back and at that point, literally a few days right before, I think it was Monday and the show premiered on Wednesday, they dropped me,” Josh continued.

The full interview is below and Josh also talks about the tweet he put out, how he tried to put a positive spin on everything, and how he was heartbroken about getting sent home by show producers.

Kaycee Clark was also sent home from BB22

Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark was also supposed to be a member of the BB22 cast, but this winter she finally came clean about also getting sent home due to a positive COVID-19 test.

The Big Brother 2020 season certainly could have looked a lot different had Josh and Kaycee been a part of the cast, as they might have been a strong duo due to their ties to The Challenge at MTV.

Josh knowing Christmas Abbott well and Kaycee having been on the same season as Tyler Crispen certainly could have set up a strong four-person alliance.

It’s time to look forward now, and casting is already underway for Big Brother 23. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be a member of the BB23 cast can still apply through the online application.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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