Big Brother Canada was shelved, but fans pushing hard to save it

Arisa Cox pictured up close
Arisa Cox served as the Big Brother Canada host. Pic credit: @Arisaroo/Instagram

Big Brother Canada has been placed on hiatus and “shelved” again, putting the show at risk of being canceled.

It has led to a push from fans to save the show all with the hope that Global TV will see the support and order Season 13.

Big Brother Canada Season 12 ended in May 2024.

It appears that low ratings have left the future uncertain for the show.

Much like its Big Brother USA counterpart, the Canadian version has players living in a house and competing to be the last person standing.

A major difference between the two shows is that Canada got rid of their live feeds, while Paramount+ still provides coverage for the US show.

No ‘final decision’ on Big Brother Canada yet?

“Big Brother Canada is currently on a hiatus and has been ‘shelved’ at Global after ratings were down during Season 12 with no room in the schedule,” reported Reality TV News/Updates on X.

“However Troy Reeb, the executive VP of broadcast networks at Corus Entertainment, say no final decision has been made yet,” the X post continued.

If the network hasn’t decided yet, maybe a fan push could save the show in Canada.

Big Brother Canada fans pushing to save the show

Fans are using petitions and social media outreach to save Big Brother Canada. Several hashtags are also in use.

“As many of you know, Big Brother Canada has been shelved. We saved it once before, and we can do it again! If we give up now, it’s truly over,” reads a new petition to save Big Brother Canada.

“But while the news is still fresh, we have the chance to make a difference. This time, the fight is more critical than ever,” it continues.

Several Big Brother accounts have been trying to help the push on social media.

An Instagram account for Big Brother Spoilers is one of them. Below is a new post from the page that provides a link and QR code to lead folks to the petition.

News about Big Brother USA

A new season of Big Brother USA debuts this summer on CBS.

Here is the new BB26 promo that recently dropped, giving fans a look at the new house and a tease about a possible theme.

Casting is officially closed, and the producers are working on completing the Big Brother 26 cast.

Fans are also sharing their excitement about BB26 on social media.

Previous seasons of Big Brother USA are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother Canada is on hiatus. Big Brother USA returns on July 17 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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