Big Brother Canada now sponsored by TikTok, will have a TikTok POV

Arisa Cox BBCAN
Arisa Cox is the Big Brother Canada 9 host and she is very excited about it. Pic credit: Global TV

TikTok is now a Big Brother Canada sponsor. Not only that, but the BBCAN9 cast will take part in a Power of Veto challenge that is TikTok-themed.

As Global TV gets ready for Season 9 of Big Brother Canada, it has been working hard to increase the buzz surrounding the show. That included revealing a new house image that plays into the theme of the BBCAN8 cast abandoning the house.

Quite a few Big Brother fans in the United States have been enjoying seasons of the Canada spin-off, especially since they take place outside of the months where a USA cast plays the game. This season, BBCAN9 will get its start on March 3, giving them plenty of time to finish out a full season before Big Brother 23 gets started in California this June.

On Tuesday, a list of the BBCAN9 sponsors was revealed, with some interesting additions to the group of companies that will be closely involved with this season. That includes TikTok, which should be very easy to tie in with the cast that is about to start playing the game.

TikTok announced as Big Brother Canada sponsor

According to Barb McKergow from Corus Entertainment, “This series is the perfect promotional vehicle for top-quality brands to create some of TV’s most innovative and advanced multiplatform integrations, and Season 9 will be no exception.”

She was speaking about Big Brother and also stated, “As we head into the ninth season of Big Brother Canada, we are absolutely thrilled with the client response and can’t wait to debut their custom integrations.”

There are eight primary sponsors for Big Brother Canada 9 and they are OLG, Expedia, TikTok, Sunlight, Wendy’s, SkipTheDishes, Weber, and Muskoka Spirits. But it is the relationship with TikTok that could be very interesting based on the press release about what’s to come.

“#BBCAN fans will experience the cultural moments that start on TikTok through a custom screen inside the #BBCAN9 house that will feature special guests throughout the season and houseguests will participate in a TikTok POV challenge,” the statement reads.

It goes on to say that, “TikTok will be home to ‘After the Eviction’ – an extension to Arisa’s in-show interviews, providing exclusive live access to the houseguests directly following their eviction every Thursday.”

Arisa Cox is the Big Brother Canada host and she is returning for another season at the helm.

Could Tik Tok get linked to Big Brother USA soon?

It seems like a perfect match to team up a social media platform with Big Brother. Fans and former houseguests are always posting about the reality competition show on Tik Tok and it just seems to blend the two worlds perfectly. If it goes well with the BBCAN9 cast, it would probably work well with the BB23 cast in the USA as well. 

And for people who are still interesting in applying to be on the Big Brother USA 2021 season, applications are still open online.

Big Brother Canada airs on Global TV beginning March 3.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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