Big Brother boxing: Former BB USA houseguests take on people from BB Canada in the ring

Natalie BB18
Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother USA may host a boxing event this summer. Pic credit: CBS

It appears that there is a Pay-Per-View Big Brother boxing event in the works. Based on the early promotions, it looks like former houseguests from Big Brother USA will enter the ring against former houseguests from Big Brother Canada.

Though details don’t appear to be completely ironed out just yet, a teaser for the event states that this PPV event will take place during summer 2021. When reading the fine print, the fights are pending commission approval, and it could all depend on whether or not the pandemic continues to rage on.

The teaser that has been posted on social media has Big Brother Canada 2 houseguest Adel Elseri priming viewers about what might take place this summer.

“Are you ready for reality TV history in the summer of 2021?” Adel asks viewers in the promotional video. “The clash of titans.”

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother USA 18 then comes on to further explain what could happen soon.

“What up Big Brother fans, it’s your girl Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother Season 18 U.S.,” Natalie states to open her segment of the video. “We’re about to celebrate the biggest, most epic event of the year, The BB Celebrity Net Fight. We’ve got heavy hitters from Big Brother Canada and heavy hitters from Big Brother U.S.”

As Natalie is speaking in the video, a montage of people from the Big Brother shows practicing their boxing skills plays in the background.

Natalie shares the Big Brother boxing teaser on Twitter

Below is the full teaser that has now appeared on Facebook and Twitter. It suggests that people who will be participating in the Big Brother boxing event include Big Brother USA 20 winner Kaycee Clark, Veronica Doherty from Big Brother Canada 6, Faysal Shafaat from BB USA 20, Enzo Palumbo from BB USA 22, BB Canada 2 winner Johnathan Pardy, Adam Pike from BB Canada 7, and Jozea Flores from BB USA 18.

Natalie captioned her Twitter post by writing, “BIG NEWS! Get ready for the first ever Big Brother boxing match on pay per view! This Summer 2021 it’s Big Brother US vs. Big Brother Canada. I’ll be a host watching your faves get knocked out! #BBCAN9 #TheChallenge36 #fightnigh t#bb20 #bbboxing @ZpromotionsFN.”

The video is really rough, misspelling people’s names and not being clear about the fight card, but there will likely be fans of both shows intrigued by what could happen if they do go through with this.

Is Big Brother boxing real or a joke?

It’s not easy to take this proposed Big Brother boxing event very seriously, but more power to them if these former houseguests from Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada want to get in the ring like this. We will have to wait and see if the promotors and hosts really get it off the ground and officially get it scheduled for summer 2021.

If it does end up happening, one has to wonder why Paulie Calafiore isn’t a party of the cast? Maybe nobody would want to fight him.

More Big Brother news

A new season of Big Brother Canada gets started on March 3. The BBCAN9 cast has already been revealed and they are ready to play the game.

As for Big Brother USA, the producers are hard at work putting together the BB23 cast for this summer.

Big Brother USA is currently on hiatus. Big Brother Canada returns soon on Global TV.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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