Christmas claims Janelle ruined Nicole Anthony’s game on Big Brother

Janelle And Nicole
Janelle, Nicole, and Christmas all returned to play on BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto interviewed Christmas Abbott for a new podcast that they posted and they did not hold back when it came to throwing shade at Janelle Pierzina.

While many Big Brother fans were shocked at how badly Nicole Anthony treated Janelle and Kaysar Ridha as they tried to save her during the second week of Big Brother 22, it seems Nicole A. and Christmas are trying to create a new history for what actually took place on the show.

For viewers that need a reminder of what took place on the show and on the Big Brother live feeds, here is an article that addresses exactly what took place and how Nicole A. tried to throw Janelle under the bus to save herself.

To summarize, Memphis Garrett won Head of Household in Week 2 and nominated Nicole A. and David Alexander for eviction. Memphis then won the Power of Veto, kept the nominations the same, and his alliance (including Christmas Abbott) voted Nicole A. out of the game.

When Nicole A. was on the block, Janelle tried hard to save her but kept receiving pushback, stemming from the actions that Nicole A. was taking herself.

But, now, how about some revisionist history?

Hello, Friends podcast turns on Janelle for views

“Like Nicole ruined Janelle and Kaysar’s game, like, no she didn’t,” Eric stated during the interview with Christmas as he relayed what many Big Brother fans have been saying. “No, she didn’t. You could argue it the other way.”

“For sure, I saw it the other way,” chimed in Christmas, as she claimed she wanted to work with Nicole A. if only Nicole A. had stood up to Memphis Garrett, Cody Calafiore, and Nicole Franzel.

So… Christmas, Eric, and Nicole A. want everyone to believe that Christmas was very close to abandoning and breaking up The Committee (Christmas, Memphis, Nicole F., Cody, Tyler Crispen, and Dani Donato) in Week 2.

Seriously? Come on. The interview turned into a complete lovefest between the trio (JJ got that right in the video below), with Christmas and Nicole A. continuously saying how they really wanted to work together. They could have. Remember? When Christmas said “heck no” and told everyone to stick with voting out Nicole A. after Nicole A. asked Christmas for help?

These revisionist versions of what happens on Big Brother can sometimes be really ridiculous. But at least Nicole Anthony has her confidence back after getting gaslighted and bullied. Remember when Kat Dunn shamed The Committee for doing that? The alliance that Christmas was in?

The video below covers some interesting points from the latest Hello, Friends podcast:

Big Brother 23 can’t get here soon enough

CBS already ordered up a new season of the hit reality competition show and fans will get to watch the BB23 cast play in summer 2021. Producers are already casting for Big Brother 23 and fans are debating what themes would be the best.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.   

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