Big Brother Mount Rushmore: Julie Chen Moonves named her favorites

JCM Hosting BB23
Julie Chen Moonves is back to host Big Brother 23 in the summer of 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Julie Chen Moonves is hosting Big Brother 23 this summer, with a new winner soon to be listed among the greats of the game. Will the Big Brother 23 winner be near the top of the list? Or will they not get much credit for beating the rest of the BB23 cast? Only time will tell on that front.

As for the history of the show, Big Brother has had a lot of great players over the years. Not everyone agrees on the perfect strategy to win Big Brother, as one fan might feel Derrick LeVasseur was the best, while another fan might put someone like Andy Herren at the top.

There are a lot of intangibles and strategies that go into winning a season of Big Brother, but it can be a grueling process for some people. That’s why it will be very interesting to see which of the interesting personalities from the BB23 cast makes it all the way to the end.

Speaking of some of the most recognizable faces that have been in the Big Brother house, Julie is certainly right there with the houseguests. Since she has been with the show since the very beginning, her opinions also carry a lot of weight.

Who is on Julie Chen Moonves’ Big Brother Mount Rushmore?

“If there was a Big Brother version of Mount Rushmore, I think it would be Derrick [Levasseur], Rachel Reilly, Dan Gheesling, and Janelle [Pierzina],” Julie said in a recent Instagram video that she did for the show.

Derrick won BB16, Rachel won BB13, Dan won BB10, and Janelle played the game four times, including both All-Stars seasons. Though Janelle never won the show, she still remains a fan favorite and also one of Julie’s favorites as well.

Julie’s list is an interesting one, and those are four faces that are immediately recognizable by anyone who is a long-time fan of the show.

More news from the world of Big Brother

New interviews for Whitney Williams have been released since she was evicted from the Big Brother house. She ended up finishing in 13th place for the season, with the remaining 12 houseguests still pushing to win that $750,000 prize.

In regard to that $750,000 prize, which is a huge increase from the former amount of $500,000 that went to past Big Brother winners, Rachel Reilly says she wants to play the game again. It would certainly be fun to see her reenter the Big Brother house.

Recently, Janelle Pierzina named the people she wanted to play Big Brother All-Stars with if the show took place this summer, and Rachel was one of the people she went with. Seeing Rachel and Janelle in the house together might have been too much for Big Brother fans to handle.

Big news has also come out for Ian Terry. Ian is now representing Team USA in a world tournament.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.