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Whitney Williams extended interview released after Big Brother eviction

Whitney BB23 Eviction
Whitney Williams was evicted from the Big Brother house and finished in 13th place. Pic credit: CBS

Whitney Williams has an extended interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves that was just released. After she was evicted from the Big Brother house, Whitney took the time to answer some additional questions that didn’t get shown during the August 5 episode of the show.

The new video that was just posted by the show begins with Whitney expressing how she was not surprised at all that she was going home this week. She echoes what many people saw who watched the episode — that she was wearing a dress and not workout clothes that she would have worn in the Endurance Challenge.

On a side note, we have the spoilers from the Endurance Challenge here for anyone who wants to read ahead. That event will be shown as part of the Sunday (August 8) episode of the show on CBS.

But back to Whitney. Julie said that she had a great sense of humor about it all before launching into a new round of questions that fans haven’t seen yet. We finally get to hear what Whitney planned to do this summer in the Big Brother house.

Whitney reveals her Big Brother strategy to Julie

“I originally, I am who I am, an outgoing person and I’m pretty blunt and I say what I mean and I knew that would probably get me in trouble in the game,” Whitney expressed as she started to tell Julie what her strategy was in the game.

“I kinda just planned on coming in and, hopefully, being a part of a big alliance and then having a couple friendships outside of that,” Whitney elaborated while talking about her strategy.

Later, Whitney talked about friends she made in the house, who she got along with, and who she felt were her allies in the game. She also talked about how she didn’t trust anyone in the house, spoke about her crush on Xavier Prather, and also named who she feels is playing the best game this summer.

The full video is shared below and is well worth watching to anyone who is a fan of Whitney Williams.

More from inside the Big Brother house

The new HOH already has a plan for the upcoming Big Brother Nomination Ceremony. It could lead to a very intense few days inside the game and it will likely dictate who the next person is that will fail to make it to the BB23 jury.

After the fifth person is evicted from the Big Brother house, everyone else will have at least made it to the BB23 jury house. Claire Rehfuss has safety for the week, so she doesn’t have to stress very much; plus she can also still play for the power in Week 6.

Making it to at least the jury is a huge deal because that’s when the bigger paychecks kick in for Big Brother houseguests.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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