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Big Brother spoilers: Who is the new Head of Household on BB23?

Xavier Playing Big Brother 2021
An intense Head of Household Competition took place on Big Brother 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds now include the results from the first Endurance Challenge. It means we have a new Head of Household and that the BB23 cast is marching toward another Eviction Ceremony.

Earlier in the night, Big Brother 23, Episode 13 aired on CBS. Viewers watched as the houseguests decided if it was going to be Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha getting evicted.

By a vote of 10-0, Whitney was evicted from the Big Brother house, making her the fourth person sent home this season. She joined Travis Long, Brandon “Frenchie” French, and Brent Champagne on the outside of the game.

We will see Whitney on the season finale, and we fully expect to see a lot from Whitney on social media in the coming weeks. She likely has a lot to say about her experience on the reality competition show.

Who is the new Big Brother Head of Household?

An extended Endurance Challenge was played after the August 5 episode of the show, with the 11 competing houseguests perched on a wall and trying to keep from dropping. While trying to hang on to the wall, the houseguests had to endure a lot of slime getting dropped on them. Anyone with loose goggles was in trouble.

Derek Frazier was out first. He fell shortly after the live feeds started showing the challenge. Claire Rehfuss, Hannah Chaddha, and Sara Beth Steagall were the next four people out.

The next four people out, in order, were Kyland Young, Britini D’Angelo, Azah Awasum, and Tiffany Mitchell.

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The final three people battling it out were Derek Xiao, Xavier Prather, and Alyssa Lopez.

Alyssa and Xavier fell, making Derek Xiao the Week 5 Big Brother HOH.

Big Brother Nominations and Power of Veto to come

The new HOH will host a Nomination Ceremony at some point on Friday (August 6). Two people will be placed on the block and neither of them will be pleased that they are at risk of missing the BB23 jury.

As a reminder, the next evicted houseguest will be the last person to miss making it to the jury. By becoming a member of the BB23 jury, houseguests are guaranteed a bigger paycheck this season.

Then, on Saturday (August 7), a new Veto Competition will take place. Six houseguests will compete for the Power of Veto and it could be really intense with spots on the BB23 jury and beyond up for grabs.

In short, there are a lot of additional Big Brother spoilers to come out in the next few days.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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