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Big Brother recap: Who got evicted from BB23 cast during Week 4?

Claire Playing BB23
Claire Rehfuss got invited to play on the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 13 aired on Thursday night, and it was time to send another houseguest packing. The BB23 cast was also going to begin playing their first Endurance Challenge of the season.

A lot of time at the beginning of the episode was spent recapping the past week, which included Christian Birkenberger winning Head of Household and then putting Hannah Chaddha and Whitney Williams on the block.

When Christian won the Power of Veto, it allowed him to keep the nominees the same. That was a big deal for him because it allowed him to escape any real drama with the nominees, especially since he had an agreement with Hannah that she was just a pawn.

When Julie Chen Moonves took the stage, she announced that teams were coming to an end. That news would be passed on to the Big Brother houseguests a bit later, but it was then time to show how the group got to this point of the season.

Big Brother 23, Episode 13 recap

A lot of the episode was spent showing the members of The Cookout solidifying their intent to work together for as long as they could. Tiffany Mitchell was shown running the show and working things out with Kyland Young to ensure that their six people at least got to the BB23 jury. It could work if they can win the upcoming Endurance Challenge.

Tiffany was then shown making sure that many other houseguests saw Sarah Beth Steagall as a huge threat in the game. That was a continuation of something that Tiffany was doing last week, where she tried to convince people that she needed to get sent home before the jury. During Diary Room sessions, Tiffany explained how she was worried about Sarah Beth going after Hannah.

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Whitney or Hannah gets evicted from Big Brother 23

At the Week 4 Eviction Ceremony, the houseguests revealed if they were voting to evict Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha.

In order, Derek Frazier voted to evict Whitney, Britini D’Angelo voted to evicted Whitney, Azah Awasum voted to evict Whitney, Kyland Young voted to evict Whitney, Alyssa Lopez voted to evict Whitney, Sarah Beth Steagall voted to evict Whitney, Claire Rehfuss voted to evict Whitney, Derek Xiao voted to evict Whitney, Tiffany Mitchell voted to evict Whitney, and Xavier Prather voted to evict Whitney.

By a vote of 10-0, Whitney was evicted from the Big Brother house.

An important Head of Household Competition

While the houseguests went to the backyard to prepare for the new Head of Household Competition (an Endurance Challenge), Julie met briefly with Whitney, who already knew she was going home today. They will be uploading an extended version of their interview online this weekend.

Whitney said that the guys were scared of “female empowerment,” which was why she was sent home over Hannah.

That brings an end to the Big Brother recap for Thursday night, but we have a live recap of the Big Brother Endurance Challenge here for any readers who want to keep up with the results. A lot is on the line, and it will be exciting to watch how it all plays out on the live feeds.

Will one houseguest throw the competition like they said they would on the live feeds? Stay tuned.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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