Big Brother 23 spoilers: A plan to throw the HOH Competition could doom one houseguest

BB23 Challenge Audience
The Big Brother 23 cast has an important Head of Household Competition for Week 5. Pic credit: CBS

Spoilers from the Big Brother 23 live feeds have revealed a lot of plans for the upcoming week on the show, especially when it comes to a very important Head of Household Competition on August 5.

All of this planning is in progress because the BB23 cast has already decided who is going home. There is still going to be a vote to officially send Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha home on Thursday night, but that decision was made as soon as Christian Birkenberger won the Power of Veto in Week 4.

Once the cast gets down to 12 people, it could become very intense because the pressure is on to make it to the BB23 jury. The first five evicted houseguests go home, with everyone else at least making it to the jury house. It raises the stakes for the Week 5 HOH Competition.

With so much on the line, it becomes a bad time to throw away a chance at having the power in the house. We could excuse Claire Rehfuss if she chooses to not play for the power because she is still safe in Week 5 after winning the latest Wildcard Competition. Everyone else needs to be playing their hardest.

Big Brother 23 spoilers: Who is planning to throw the HOH Competition?

Sarah Beth Steagall spoke to the Big Brother live feed cameras early Thursday morning (August 5) and stated that she is going to throw the HOH Competition. She feels that it is in her best interest to continue being a floater and that having to nominate two people for eviction is too risky for her game.

Unfortunately for Sarah, she may not realize that another BB23 cast member is targeting her and has started planting the seeds to get her sent out the front door. And if she does end up throwing the August 5 HOH Competition, she could be dooming her chances at making it further in the game.

The week ahead on Big Brother 2021

After the Eviction Ceremony on August 5, the BB23 cast will begin playing in an Endurance Challenge to decide the next Head of Household. Christian has to watch since he is the outgoing HOH, and that might be a bad thing for him since he could be one of the targets during Week 5.

Since this is the first real Endurance Challenge for the Big Brother 2021 season, it will be a lot of fun to watch and see who will be good at them. Derek Xiao might be one of the favorites to win it based on how well he has done in competitions so far this season. If Derek X got the power, he would have to officially make some enemies in the house.

We will make sure to pass on the Big Brother 23 spoilers from the HOH Competition as soon as they become available on the live feeds. As for Sarah Beth, she needs to be putting in a lot of effort to try to gain safety for herself, because if she doesn’t, she may wind up on the block with a lot of regrets.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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