Big Brother updates: Who could be the surprise BB23 eviction target for next week?

Tiffany On Big Brother 2021
Tiffany Mitchell is setting up Sarah Beth Steagall as a target on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother updates coming from the live feeds suggest that someone less obvious could end up being the next member of the BB23 cast to be targeted for eviction.

Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez — better known now as the ChrisAlyss alliance/showmance — have become even bigger targets after they held the HOH power for the week. But even with that being the case, a more specific target has been emerging in the background.

Sarah Beth Steagall has suddenly found herself right in the crosshairs of some well-insulated members of the cast. Tiffany Mitchell has done well at painting a target on Sarah Beth and that might create a situation where Sarah Beth has to win Head of Household or wind up on the block in Week 5.

It didn’t help Sarah Beth’s situation when she pushed hard to get Hannah Chaddha out of the house this past week, but she had failed to realize just how many alliances (and strong ones) that Hannah has within the BB23 cast. Hannah was never going home over Whitney Williams and Sarah Beth convinced herself of the opposite.

An important Week 5 Big Brother HOH Competition

There are a lot of scenarios that could take place at the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony, but it’s all going to depend on who wins that all-important August 5 HOH Competition. For everyone in the game, this is a really important week, because surviving Week 5 guarantees a spot on the BB23 jury.

The Cookout alliance may want to make sure that Christian and Alyssa can’t go to jury together, so that might lead to them being on the block together in Week 5. That’s also bad news for Sarah Beth, as she needs to keep people from her side of the house in the game. Thus winning HOH and targeting people outside of her close circle becomes even more important in the short term.

Likewise, if Alyssa can find a way to win this upcoming HOH, she would likely save herself, Christian, and Sarah Beth from going up on the block. That could be a best-case scenario for the trio moving forward. But can that group find a way to keep the power in their possession?

Big Brother spoilers leading into Eviction Ceremony

Whitney Williams is doomed. When Christian won the Power of Veto, it ensured that he could keep the nominations the same. Any real thoughts about going after Hannah were also put to bed by people like Xavier Prather, so Whitney never really had a chance to stay in the Big Brother house after this upcoming vote.

Whitney is about to join Brandon “Frenchie” French, Brent Champagne, and Travis Long as the first evicted houseguests from Big Brother 2021. Unfortunately, this also means that the upcoming Eviction Ceremony is going to be predictable and viewers will have to hope for an intriguing HOH Competition to get any excitement out of Big Brother 23, Episode 13.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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