Big Brother Power of Veto spoilers: Who won the Veto Competition today?

Kyland And Sarah Beth BB23
Kyland Young and Sarah Beth Steagall enjoying their time on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers now include the Power of Veto winner for Week 4. Six members of the BB23 cast played in the Veto Competition today, with one of them already knowing how important it would be to wear that necklace around the house.

Christian Birkenberger is the Head of Household this week and he decided to nominate Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha for eviction. His team had reasons for putting either one of them on the block, so this was an easy week for him to be the HOH.

There was even a backup plan in place should Whitney or Hannah win the Power of Veto because Britini D’Angelo was going to be an easy replacement nominee. It would have been very surprising if Britini didn’t also figure out that she was still in danger.

Earlier in the day, Derek Xiao, Claire Rehfuss, and Azah Awasum found out that they would be the three additional players joining the Veto Competition. It seemed like a good field of houseguests to decide who would walk away with the power this week.

Who won the Big Brother Power of Veto today?

As revealed on the Big Brother live feeds, Christian Birkenberger just won the Power of Veto again. This is the second straight time that he has won the Veto Competition, meaning only two people have won it so far this season (Derek Xiao also won twice).

Christian can now keep the nominations the same at the Veto Ceremony on Monday, August 2, and finish out his plan to get either Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha out of the house.

More news from the world of Big Brother

There are just two more evictions until the BB23 jury starts forming, so we are getting very close to the most important part of the season for a lot of the houseguests. Making it to the Big Brother jury means getting paid more for being on this season, so it’s extremely important to survive past Week 5.

Recently, Elena Davies spoke about how much Big Brother houseguests get paid to be on the show. It may still surprise some viewers to learn that everyone gets paid to be on this season and it’s not just the Big Brother 23 winner who will be leaving the house with a nice paycheck.

Outside of the house, new parents Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo shared new photos of their baby. Nicole recently gave birth after a difficult pregnancy and the Big Brother couple has started a new journey in their lives. They originally met as members of the BB18 cast.

In less positive news, Big Brother 7 winner Mike “Boogie” Malin pled guilty after a DUI arrest. He has been in the news for a lot of negative reasons lately, including after Malin got charged for stalking Dr. Will Kirby.

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