Big Brother live feeds pack in the drama and chaos on Monday

Matt Turner On BB24
Matt Turner has likely made it to the final six on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds provided fans with a lot of excitement and entertainment on Monday, with the biggest component being a blindside that Head of Household Matt Turner was able to pull off.

Rather than continuing to go after Taylor Hale, Turner worked up a blindside with The Leftovers alliance, and he kept Taylor protected when Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner took themselves off of the block.

The BB24 cast members are playing as duos through a new twist, which led to Turner nominating Brittany and Michael when he was put on the spot. Brittany and Michael then won the Power of Veto, however, which led to a series of dominos falling.

At the Veto Meeting, Turner put Ameerah Jones and Terrance Higgins on the block as replacements, sending shockwaves through everyone in the Big Brother house who didn’t know what was coming.

When the feeds turned back on after the Veto Meeting happened, Indy Santos was shown crying and dealing with a lot of anxiety as Joseph Abdin and Kyle Capener tried to tend to her.

Daniel Durston went to an extremely livid Nicole Layog and told her that he had no idea about what was going to happen at the Veto Meeting. Only Daniel knew, as Turner warned him about his change of heart right before the Veto Meeting.

Drama continues on the Big Brother live feeds

Nicole told Daniel that she suspected Monte Taylor must have known something about what would be going down, and on the other camera for the feeds, Jasmine could be seen crying with her sunglasses on.

And then there was Ameerah, who appeared to be in shock about the news that she was given. She clearly never saw it coming, which is the sign of a really successful blindside being pulled off in the Big Brother house.

Terrance Higgins says to vote him off Big Brother

Right after the Veto Meeting, Terrance could be seen talking to Ameerah and several other houseguests saying that he would rather go home than see Ameerah get voted out. He then started campaigning to save Ameerah while also talking badly about Taylor, which included Terrance calling Taylor a “monster” for what had happened.

Will Terrance keep saying that as the week goes on? Or will he decide that he wants to stick up for himself? One of them is getting sent home at the July 28 Eviction Ceremony.

Nicole is really angry, stating on the feeds that she is now more intent on playing the game for herself than doing what other people ask of her. Daniel also spent a lot of time trying to calm her down.

The Big Brother live feeds should continue to be very chaotic over the coming days, especially if any members of The Leftovers alliance start to reveal what really led to the house flipping on Ameerah like that.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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