Big Brother live feed spoilers: The Cookout has two members on the block

Derek F And Azah BB23 (1)
Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum have made it to the final six on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds now include two members of The Cookout being on the block. It was time for a Nomination Ceremony today, setting the stage for a lot of drama to surface over the next two weeks.

A Double Eviction took place on Big Brother 23, Episode 28, with the entire Cookout alliance making it to the final six. That led to a lot of celebration for the remaining BB23 cast members, but also for a lot of former Big Brother houseguests online.

The downside for the final six was that the celebration would have to be put on hold as the game needed to continue. A final six HOH Competition took place, and Kyland Young is now the new Head of Household.

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With Kyland in power for a third time this summer, he now has the best resume of anyone left in the game. And now he has a chance to take out someone he might feel is a big threat to his personal game. No matter who he nominated on Friday, though, everyone would get a chance to play for the Power of Veto this week.

Who did Kyland Young nominate for eviction today?

It was a mostly lazy day for the Big Brother house after they had to go through a Double Eviction yesterday. But in the afternoon hours, it was time to get back to business. Kyland hosted his Nomination Ceremony where he revealed that Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha have been nominated for eviction.

Another Double Eviction episode coming up

They don’t know it yet, but a Double Eviction is coming up on the September 16 episode of Big Brother 23. It’s going to be a surprise when host Julie Chen Moonves lets them know that two members of The Cookout will be heading to the BB23 jury house on the same night.

For fans who have been waiting for a really exciting night this season, that second Double Eviction is definitely going to provide a lot of drama. The houseguests are going to be thinking that they have some time to relax once they get down to the final five, but that’s not going to be the case during a two-hour episode of the show.

There are only two more Thursday night episodes left on the Big Brother 23 schedule, showing just how close we are to the season finale. Getting to that point will be an exciting progression and then everyone can focus on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother taking place this winter.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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