Big Brother house reportedly sees a huge change ahead of BBCeleb

BB23 House
A look at the Big Brother 23 house from Summer 2021. Pic credit: Scott Storey/CBS

The Big Brother house has reportedly gone through a big change that will immediately be noticeable to people who subscribe to the live feeds.

Each winter or summer that a new season takes place, the producers make changes to the house, usually to go with a new theme.

And when it comes to Celebrity Big Brother, the house usually gets fancier, so that is already an expectation for when the Winter 2022 season gets started.

But now a piece of news has come out that is going to spell the end of the most recognizable piece of the architecture within the house.

Big Brother removes its spiral staircase

According to a note from the Twitter account, Big Brother Gossip, the producers have removed the familiar spiral staircase that leads from the main area of the house up to the second floor.

Sure, this isn’t a change that is going to impact the game itself, but it is definitely impacting the aesthetic look on film. This is also likely to be a very favorable change for the editors of the Big Brother episodes, as the spiral staircase got in the way of filming fluid ascending and descending houseguests.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 theme still under wraps

A lot about Celebrity Big Brother 3 has been held back by the producers in order to let the buzz build ahead of the Winter 2022 season. And that also includes the names of the cast members for CBBUS3. We expect the official cast list to be revealed when the start date gets a little closer.

CBS is using a lot of primetime hours for the Celebrity Big Brother TV schedule of episodes this winter, and that includes a big episode on the night of Super Bowl Sunday. There are also going to be Friday night episodes, giving CBS viewers a chance to watch something other than the Olympics taking place on NBC.

There have been a lot of rumors about the Celebrity Big Brother cast, leading to a number of celebrities stating they won’t be on the show this time around. One thing Big Brother fans shouldn’t get carried away with, though, are expectations of A-list actors and actresses filling up the house this winter.

Here is a breakdown of who Big Brother fans should expect to see playing the game, including a look back on who took part in the first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother in the United States.

We also expect host Julie Chen Moonves to provide a new Big Brother house tour in the days leading up to the season premiere (February 2). That will give a good look at the new staircase, as well as the new theme that will encompass the brand new houseguests.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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