Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast rumors addressed by NeNe Leakes, Erika Jayne, and Sha’Carri Richardson

NeNe Leakes Bravo RHOA
NeNe Leakes from RHOA says she is not playing Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: Bravo

Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast rumors are starting to be refuted by the stars themselves, slimming down the pool of possible houseguests who are going to be playing the game this winter.

It already happened with Sean Spicer and Hope Hicks from the world of politics. Neither one will be playing Big Brother in February.

Now, several other Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast rumors were addressed by people from the world of reality television and the Olympics.

This is also a good thing because when the celebrities themselves start posting about CBBUS3, it not only answers questions for the fans, but it helps create even more buzz for the show.

Three more names to cross off the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list

NeNe Leakes, Erika Jayne, and Sha’Carri Richardson will not be on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast. Representatives for each of the stars told TMZ that they wouldn’t be appearing on the show.

NeNe Leakes is someone who has been linked to the show a number of times, especially since the producers love tapping into the world of Real Housewives in order to find new contestants. She might have been fun for a lot of people to watch play the game.

Track star Sha’Carri Richardson also reportedly turned down the opportunity to be on the show after she was contacted by producers. That is a pretty good reason why the rumors were out there in the first place because it definitely looks like Celebrity Big Brother wanted Richardson playing the game this winter.

Who are NeNe Leakes, Erika Jayne, and Sha’Carri Richardson?

Erika Jayne stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), NeNe Leakes starred on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), and Sha’Carri Richardson is a track star who was in the news for getting removed from the 2020 Summer Olympics team.

Leakes has also been seen on a number of other television shows, including Glee.

According to Richardson’s rep, Ashley Blackwood, “Sha’Carri was contacted months ago to be on Big Brother and declined. All coverage on her participating are false and simply just rumors.”

TMZ reported that sources close to Leakes and Jayne have confirmed to them that the reality TV stars will also not be partaking in the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Some more news about Celebrity Big Brother 3

The season premiere for the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother 3 arrives on February 2. Then, it’s going to be a month packed with new episodes as Big Brother fans get to watch a new cast playing the game.

Here is a list of all the Celebrity Big Brother episodes that will air on CBS. It includes a new episode on Super Bowl Sunday as well.

The official cast list for the season has also not yet been released, which is why so many rumors have been showing up online. Hopefully, the producers of the show are ready to make an announcement soon.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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