Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast: A look at which type of celebrities to expect

Julie Chen Moonves CBB
The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season will be hosted by Julie Chen Moonves. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during Winter 2022 and it will present fans of the show with a brand new group of houseguests.

All of the people who play on this new season of the show will be celebrities of one form or another, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone watching will immediately know them all.

When it comes to tapping celebrities to play a game like this one — where you have to be sequestered from the real world and give up the celebrity life for a month — Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t attract A-list stars.

Instead, Celebrity Big Brother 3 will be made up of people who were once megastars, have become celebrities through unorthodox means, or who have become well known in their particular field.

A look at past Celebrity Big Brother casts

Below is a breakdown of what the people did before they became cast members on the first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother in the United States. Many of them have done more than one job in their lives, but these are the professions that they were most known for.

As an example, there have been six people to play Big Brother: Celebrity Edition who were actors or actresses. There have been 23 celebrities on the first two seasons and below is their breakdown of professions.

  • Actors/Actresses: 6 (Jonathan Bennett, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur)
  • General Athletes (WWE, Olympics): 4 (Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Ryan Lochte, Chuck Liddell)
  • Singers: 4 (Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, James Maslow, Mark McGrath)
  • World of Politics: 2 (Anthony Scaramucci, Omarosa)
  • NBA/NFL: 2 (Ricky Williams, Metta World Peace)
  • Reality TV: 1 (Brandi Glanville)
  • Model: 1 (Ariadna Gutiérrez)
  • TV Host: 1 (Ross Mathews)
  • Comedian: 1 (Tom Green)
  • Celebrity Mom: 1 (Dina Lohan)

Below is a look at the official announcement that went out for Celebrity Big Brother 1 back in 2018 to get a feel for what’s coming.

Who will be on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast?

As you can see by the list of names above, these are the areas from the world of celebrities that will yield the new group of houseguests. We will likely see some people from Hollywood, a few athletes and singers, and likely a few names from the other genres.

With how many people from the world of reality television have been linked to Celebrity Big Brother rumors, we actually expect at least two people to come from that world. It would be very surprising if we didn’t see someone from Real Housewives and then possibly someone from Survivor and/or The Challenge on MTV.

The reason for the delay in announcing the full Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast is that they have to go through additional testing this time around while being sequestered. It means we might not learn the names of the new houseguests until a few days before the season premiere arrives on February 2.

We have a look at the full Celebrity Big Brother 3 TV schedule here, and it is full of episodes that will air in February 2022. It even includes a big episode on Super Bowl Sunday and several two-hour installments on Fridays.

We also have a list of celebrities who have been ruled out from the show here for anyone who wants to take a look.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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