Big Brother 24 start date may have been revealed

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The new season of Big Brother arrives soon on CBS. Pic credit: @JulieChenMoonves/Twitter

The Big Brother 24 start date will take place this summer, with the expectation that a brand new group of houseguests will be playing the game.

Fans got to watch a new season of Celebrity Big Brother this past winter, where Miesha Tate beat out Todrick Hall on finale night to win the $250,000 prize.

Since then, CBS and host Julie Chen Moonves has been teasing fans about the Big Brother 24 season, but very little information has come out about the new installment.

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We know so far that there have reportedly been a lot of applications for the BB24 cast getting turned in. That should give producers a lot of people to look at when putting together the new season.

Possible Big Brother 24 start date revealed

Twitter user SpoilerGirl1, who posts a lot of information about Big Brother and the soap operas at CBS, has shared a new list of items that she claims to be true about the Summer 2022 season.

The user claims that the producers plan to have a live audience again and that a live premiere is in the works. She also states that production is are working with July 6 as the possible start date for Big Brother 24.

That would be a bit later in the summer than most seasons of the reality competition show, but it would also make sense with all of the new safety protocols and testing that have been put in place.

If she is right about the July start date for BB24, then it could be even longer until Big Brother fans learn the names of the new players.

BB24 SpoilerGirl
Some potential information about Big Brother 24 has been revealed. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

More news from the world of Big Brother

Former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Shanna Moakler just updated fans on her relationship status. Her relationship became a big deal due to the drama that occurred with her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau while the latest season of the show played out.

Recently, Shanna shared a braless photo that had social media buzzing for a while.

And speaking of recent photos from former Big Brother houseguests, Miesha Tate posted one of herself in a pink bikini and heels that served as a throwback to her modeling days.

With so much time left until Big Brother 24 premieres this summer, fans who want to get their fix can watch previous seasons of the show on Paramount+. That includes the celebrity versions and Big Brother: Over the Top, which was done entirely online.

As a reminder, Xavier Prather was the Big Brother 23 winner from the Summer 2021 competition.

Big Brother 24 will air on CBS during Summer 2022.

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