Shanna Moakler reveals relationship status with Matthew Rondeau, understands why people got triggered

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Shanna Moakler opens up about Matthew Rondeau relationship. Pic credit: @shannamoakler/Instagram

Shanna Moakler has given several new interviews as she promotes her upcoming Miss Nevada USA and Miss Utah USA pageants.

And the former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest has had a lot to say about the drama that took place with Matthew Rondeau following her time in the Big Brother house.

While Moakler was playing Big Brother, her boyfriend at the time, Rondeau, was making headlines for taking down pictures of her on social media. Then, he began expressing jealousy for her time with Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother.

After the show, things got very dramatic, as Rondeau was arrested for an incident that took place at Moakler’s house the morning after the Celebrity Big Brother season finale. He has since been released, but fans were left with a lot of questions.

Shanna Moakler reveals relationship status with Matthew Rondeau

“I am single. Matthew and I are not together, however, we’re remaining cordial. I think he and I have a very deep love for one another,” Moakler stated in an interview with Us Weekly.

“I love him very, very much. He’s someone that I was with for two years and, you know, obviously, we had a very public incident, which was embarrassing for both of us. It’s not something either one of us are proud of,” Moakler elaborated.

She was also asked about what took place and the fan reactions to what happened in her relationship with Rondeau.

“I understand why people are triggered. I know people who have been in relationships where there’s been any form of abuse, whether it’s mental, verbal, emotionally, it’s very, very triggering,” Moakler admitted.

More news from Shanna Moakler

Recently, Shanna Moakler has been flaunting her curves on social media, with quite a few new pictures getting shared that show how well she has been keeping in shape.

She also just struck a pose that had social media buzzing.

In regard to her experience on Celebrity Big Brother this past winter, she has been relatively quiet about the drama that Todrick Hall put her through.

And regarding her fellow Big Brother cast member, Todrick recently blamed Shanna for what happened. It was in direct conflict to what Big Brother fans saw taking place on the live feeds, but Todrick claims that fans didn’t see everything.

For fans of Shanna Moakler who didn’t get to see her competing on Celebrity Big Brother 3, the full season of episodes can be streamed through Paramount+.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS in Summer 2022.

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