Julie Chen Moonves teases fans with Big Brother 24 post, Big Brother alums respond

JCM Hosting BB
Big Brother fans will see host Julie Chen Moonves and the BB24 cast in Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 is getting closer, and host Julie Chen Moonves is back to teasing fans about the show.

When it comes to interacting with fans on social media, Julie has always been really good about it. And that includes the regular teases about what might be coming up next.

With Celebrity Big Brother 3 squarely in the rearview mirror now, it’s time to start looking ahead to the Summer 2022 season of Big Brother.

Producers are already putting together the BB24 cast, and the $750,000 prize is on the line again for this new group of houseguests. Most of the rumors point to it being an entirely new cast of characters residing in the Big Brother house this summer.

Julie Chen Moonves posts a Big Brother 24 tease

“Anyone else counting down to summer? #BB24 is coming… ??,” Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves captioned an image of her sitting on the beach while holding a Big Brother card.

Big Brother alums respond to Julie’s post

Quite a few former Big Brother houseguests have been leaving comments for Julie, with most of them expressing their excitement about a new season of the show arriving.

Christie Murphy from Big Brother 21 wrote, “The time of year when I lose my soul to a television screen ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️.”

“This cutie outfit! ?,” posted Meg Maley from Big Brother 17.

As seen in the photo below, James Huling (BB17 and BB18) and Caleb Reynolds (BB16) left emojis as their messages.

BB Alums Respond To Julie
A few Big Brother alums respond to Julie. Pic credit: @JulieChenMoonves/Instagram

And they weren’t the only ones to stop by Julie’s Instagram account.

“You look beautiful @juliechenmoonves ❤️,” wrote Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd.

Xavier Prather (BB23) left some emojis, and then Jessica Milagros (BB20) wrote, “I am so excited for this ❤️.”

More BB Alum Julie Comments
More BB alums respond to Julie’s post. Pic credit: @JulieChenMoonves/Instagram

More news and notes from Big Brother

For fans who may not have seen it, Todrick Hall tried to shift the blame for his controversial appearance on Celebrity Big Brother this winter. It followed a statement where he said he felt that Shanna Moakler was the one who owed him an apology.

In a related story, Todrick was sued for allegedly not paying rent on the house he claimed to have already purchased. The lawsuit claimed that he owed thousands of dollars in unpaid back rent.

And in potential boxing news, BB23’s Derek Frazier challenged Logn Paul to a fight. The former Big Brother houseguest wants the YouTube star to enter the ring with him.

Soon enough, there will be some new people creating drama inside the Big Brother house. We probably won’t know the names of the BB24 cast members for a few more months, but with some fresh faces getting ready to play the game, Big Brother fans will have new people to cheer on each week.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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