Big Brother 23 casting producer: ‘that’s a wrap on BB23 casting’

Julie Chen BB Host Photo
Julie Chen Moonves is one step closer to letting us know the Big Brother 23 cast members Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 casting is just about done. It means we are very close to being teased by CBS about when the BB23 cast list will drop.

“My job here is done. That’s a wrap on #bb23 casting,” reads a new post on social media from Big Brother Casting Producer Alex Stern.

CBS recently revealed that the Big Brother season premiere is on July 7, but the show has continued working on putting a good cast together.

With this latest bit of news coming from one of the producers, it’s hard not to get excited that we are one step closer to learning some of the names.

Big Brother 23 cast getting close to a reveal

It’s great news that another step in the entire casting process has been completed, but there are still a few more steps to go.

What does it all mean? It means that everyone has been interviewed, video submissions have been watched, call-backs have been completed, and the people who make the final decisions now have a group of people to choose from to finalize a new Big Brother cast.

Alex Stern BB23 1
BB23 cast announcement Pic credit: @AlexSternGirl/Twitter

After clarifying that her post doesn’t mean that the cast is finalized and locked in place for the Big Brother 2021 season, Alex went on to explain that it’s now in the hands of the “powers that be” to finalize things.

Later, Alex was asked when the BB23 cast release date is going to take place.

“No clue,” answered Alex. “I literally become a fan now. In the same boat as everyone else.”

BB23 Alex Stern 2
Another update on BB23 cast Pic credit: @AlexSternGirl/Twitter

More information on Big Brother 23 season

A number of interesting Big Brother spoilers and rumors about the upcoming season have been posted online already. One of them addresses a new Big Brother theme, which definitely seems to indicate that the franchise is looking to begin a brand-new chapter.

With the BB23 cast, we are going to see 16 new houseguests who have never played the game before. That’s going to be a treat for viewers and it will be much different than the All-Stars cast that played the game last summer.

As a reminder, it was Cody Calafiore who was named the Big Brother 22 winner. He had originally finished in second place on Big Brother 16 and came back to prove himself.

Additional Big Brother rumors for this summer state that fans will get to watch a live move-in episode, that the Big Brother live feeds are back, and that there will not be an eviction taking place on Day 1.

There is a lot that still needs to be settled for the BB23 cast, but CBS has announced the Big Brother 2021 TV schedule. It’s going to be a busy summer of reality television at CBS, with Big Brother and Love Island USA dominating the schedule for a while.

And in case anyone hasn’t heard yet, Survivor 41 was announced for the fall of 2021 on CBS. We will finally get to see a new season of the Jeff Probst hosted show after they just finished filming in Fiji.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.