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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who got evicted tonight, full recap of Triple Eviction

Cody Was Week 8 BB22 HOH
Cody Calafiore hopes to make it back to the Big Brother final two. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers about the Triple Eviction are covered in our live blog from October 1.

This article will provide full coverage of what takes place on Thursday night. What we know is that three people are going to be heading to the BB22 jury house before the two hours come to an end.

It’s definitely going to be an exciting night, even though we likely already know who is getting sent out at the first Eviction Ceremony. It’s also unfortunate that the houseguests already know that it’s a Triple Eviction episode.

There are some strong rumors that the episode has been pre-taped by CBS, but we are hoping no spoilers make it to social media while it is playing out on CBS.

Make sure to come on by at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT as we will be live-blogging everything that happens during the episode and updating our readers on what has transpired. It’s going to be a busy night!

The Triple Eviction episode begins

After the introduction from host Julie Chen Moonves, it was time for some recap. The fallout after the Veto Meeting was shown, with Cody Calafiore explaining that he had to keep Kevin Campbell and David Alexander on the block.

Then, a segment with Dr. Will Kirby was shown. He had a video where he gave hints about thinking “three steps ahead” in the game. Some of the houseguests were shown immediately figuring out that a Triple Eviction was about to take place. That jump could make some CBS viewers think that they left out part of the video in the episode.

First eviction for Episode 25

Roughly 20 minutes into the episode, they finally got to the Eviction Ceremony between Kevin and David.

Enzo Palumbo, Daniele Donato, Tyler Crispen, Christmas Abbott, Nicole Anthony, and Memphis Garrett all voted to evict Kevin.

By a vote of 6-0, Kevin has been evicted. We are now down to our final eight houseguests.

First HOH Competition of the night

Kevin got a long interview with Julie before it was time to get back to business. The rest of the BB22 cast was waiting for a question-and-answer HOH Competition in the backyard.

Dani, Tyler, and David were eliminated on the first question. Nicole was the next one out. Memphis was the only one to get the last question right and he became Head of Household for a third time.

Memphis nominates two people for eviction

Memphis nominated David and Nicole for eviction. David looked like he expected it and Nicole was pretty upset.

Battling for the Power of Veto

Tyler, Christmas, and Dani were chosen randomly to join the Veto Competition. Enzo and Cody were the only ones sitting out.

The Veto Competition involved constructing a puzzle and not fall off a balance beam. Christmas finished first and won the POV.

Christmas did not use the POV. That left David and Nicole on the block.

Another Eviction Ceremony

As they were sitting down for the vote, the houseguests saw the screen behind Julie that said Triple Eviction and officially figured out what was happening.

Cody voted to evict David, Christmas voted to evict Nicole, Tyler voted to evict Nicole, Enzo voted to evict David, and Dani voted to evict David.

By a vote of 3-2, David Alexander was evicted.

How about another HOH Competition?

Memphis sat out as the other six houseguests played for the power again. It was another true-or-false challenge.

Dani, Nicole, and Enzo missed the same question. Tyler then won Head of Household.

Tyler names his nominees

At his Nomination Ceremony, Tyler put Nicole and Daniele on the block.

Veto Competition No. 2

It was another puzzle challenge involving balance beams. Nicole fell and got eliminated. Tyler later won the Power of Veto.

Tyler also chose to keep his nominations the same.

Eviction Ceremony No. 3

At the third Eviction Ceremony of the night, the houseguests had to decide whether to evict Daniele or Nicole.

Cody voted to evict Dani, Memphis voted to evict Dani, and Christmas voted to evict Dani to make it official. Enzo then also voted to evict Dani.

By a 4-0 vote, Daniele Donato was evicted unanimously.

That’s it for the Triple Eviction episode, but the final six houseguests will still have to play another HOH Competition. We have a live blog set up to relay those results if they take place later tonight on the Big Brother live feeds. Odds are it could be delayed until Friday now.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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