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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who gets evicted tonight from BB22 cast?

Kevin And David Noms BB22
Kevin Campbell and David Alexander finish Week 8 as the two Big Brother 22 nominees. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers indicate how the eviction vote will shake out tonight. The question of who gets evicted tonight from the BB22 cast was likely answered already for many live feed subscribers, but let’s break down the vote for everyone else.

Cody Calafiore has been the Head of Household for the past week, allowing members of The Committee to have another easy week in the house. The alliance will remain intact through at least one more Eviction Ceremony, but after that, the drama could start.

Cody nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction. He then won the Power of Veto and kept the nominations the same. Now, the six voting houseguests will decide who becomes the third member of the BB22 jury.

The houseguests with votes this week are Nicole Franzel, Christmas Abbott, Daniele Donato, Tyler Crispen, Memphis Garrett, and Enzo Palumbo. If there happens to be a 3-3 tie on Thursday night, then Cody would place the tiebreaking vote.

Vote predictions for first eviction of October 1

The show likes to make it seem like both nominees are at risk, with the intent being to create some drama about how the eviction vote might go. There isn’t any reason for that drama this week, as nothing has come close to shifting what Cody wants to happen on Thursday night.

Cody’s target is Kevin and he has made that notion very public. Even when Nicole tried to talk to him about possibly shifting gears, he shut it down almost as soon as she started speaking. Cody has no interest in getting rid of David because Cody sees David as a possible number in the coming battle.

Tyler Crispen is of the same mindset as Cody and that’s why they kept David around. And because Cody wants Kevin out, Memphis and Christmas are on board with the plan. They don’t want to make any waves right now and don’t mind seeing Kevin head to the jury.

That’s already enough votes to evict Kevin, which is why it’s easier to guess how everything else will shake out. Enzo isn’t tied to either Kevin or David, so he would go with the majority. That majority is already voting against Kevin, so count him in.

Dani and Nicole would like to keep Kevin over David and they have had a number of conversations with each other about it. They just don’t have the numbers and in the new school way of playing the game, it means they will go with the majority.

We fully expect to see a unanimous 6-0 eviction vote to start off the evening. It’s always possible that someone could throw in a random vote to stir the pot, and with the anxiety level of a Triple Eviction night, that’s actually a pretty good idea.

After that, expect the anger toward David taking the money at the POV to come up again. Yes, much of that anger from people like Dani is pretty hypocritical. We fully expect it to be used as an excuse for someone else to nominate David soon.

The Triple Eviction has arrived

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Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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