Big Brother TV schedule update: Monday episodes, Friday special, Triple Eviction, and season finale set

Tyler And Memphis Play BB22
Memphis Garrett and Tyler Crispen are doing well on Big Brother 22 still. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother TV schedule is in for some changes as the final month of the 2020 season airs on CBS.

There is only one Sunday episode left (September 27) before the major shift from Sundays to Mondays takes place. October 5 will mark the first Monday night episode and that will continue through the end of October.

A huge Triple Eviction is going to take place on October 1. Host Julie Chen Moonves told viewers about it last week and it is going to be an epic night for the show. If they do it right, this could redeem BB All-Stars 2 in the minds of many fans.

And there is even a special Friday night episode coming up soon that will definitely give CBS viewers their fill of the BB22 cast as they start to wrap up this season of the show.

Below is a bit of a breakdown of the Big Brother schedule updates in an easy to read format. It’s going to seem a little wonky for any viewers who don’t know what’s coming.

Big Brother TV schedule updates for BB22 cast

Sunday, September 27: Episode 23
Wednesday, September 30: Episode 24
Thursday, October 1: Episode 25, Triple Eviction
Monday, October 5: Episode 26, first Monday night episode
Wednesday, October 7: Episode 27
Thursday, October 8: Episode 28
Monday, October 12: Episode 29
Wednesday, October 14: Episode 30
Thursday, October 15: Episode 31
Monday, October 19: Episode 32
Wednesday, October 21: Episode 33
Thursday, October 22: Episode 34
Friday, October 23: Episode 35
Monday, October 26: Episode 36
Wednesday, October 28: Two-hour season finale at 9/8c

There are quite a few new episodes still on the schedule, despite only a month left before the Big Brother 22 winner will be crowned. It is during the season finale that the BB22 jury will vote on who should win the $500,000 prize this season.

Some Big Brother spoilers

There are a lot of Big Brother spoilers that have been revealed on the CBS live feeds over the weekend. It sets up the Eviction Ceremony that will begin the Triple Eviction on Thursday night.

Cody Calafiore became the Week 8 Head of Household after he won a secret HOH Competition that will be shown during Episode 23 on September 27. He then nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction and feared having to come up with a replacement nominee if one of them won the POV.

Cody also won the Power of Veto, so he controls what will happen at the Veto Meeting. He can keep the nominations the same and go for the easy target in Kevin, or he could make a big move to get ahead of the factions already forming within The Committee.

With the new alliances that Cody is in, though, he may be best served to just sit back and let someone else be the first member of The Committee to start taking shots.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 airs Mondays*, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Kathy Osborne
Kathy Osborne
3 years ago

I think he should get rid of Dani and Nicole. Then Memphis should go to. He isn’t beinsmart about none of it. Get rid of them now before it’s to late. They need to go now. They can get rid of Kevin and David next. Come on make some moves. Their going to vote how they want to in the jury house. So get with it. Vote them out. That’s why I wanted David to win HOH he would of put Dani and Nicole up. You all are crazy!!!!!