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Below Deck Med: Katie Flood shares Lexi Wilson called out Malia White for Hannah Ferrier drama on camera

Katie Flood spills Below Deck Med tea about Malia White, Lexi Wilson and Hannah Ferrier.
Katie has more to say about dealing with Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Katie Flood has shared that Lexi Wilson called out Malia White for her part in the Hannah Ferrier firing drama on camera.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med brought tension between Lexi and the rest of the crew. One night things were taken too far when Lexi unleashed her fury on the crew, beginning in the hot tub and ending in the crew mess.

Although fans saw the night play out on-screen, Katie has spilled some tea on what didn’t make it to Bravo airwaves and why.

Katie Flood shares Lexi Wilson blasted Malia White over Hannah Ferrier drama on camera

The part Malia played in Captain Sandy Yawn firing Hannah during Season 5 of the Below Deck spin-off is no secret. It turns out Lexi used that against Malia while screaming at her on that infamous Season 6 night.

When chatting with James Pike on his podcast, Pop-Off Podcast, Katie dropped a Below Deck Mediterranean bombshell.

They were discussing Lexi’s edit, which Katie says was good considering what the crew endured. It was then that Katie spilled Lexi brought up the Hannah situation to attack Malia.

“She [Lexi] was really coming at Malia for obviously that situation that happened on Season 5. You know, Malia is taking a lot of heat for that, and yeah she was kind of just like throwing that in her face,” Katie explained.

The Bravo personality shared that viewers don’t fully know the cast members, only certain aspects. There’s way more to everyone who was on Katie’s season and all other seasons than what hits the airwaves.

Katie defended Malia before speaking more about Lexi bringing up the Hannah drama.

“She [Lexi] was just kind of going off about that about how she [Malia] threw Hannah under the bus and just all the s**t that you guys saw basically, just calling her out for that. And you know. Malia was like saying her at the time like you cannot talk about this like. She [Lexi] would just do a lot of things that we weren’t allowed to do or talk about, you know, so that’s why it didn’t make it to air,” the chief stew spilled.

Below Deck Med’s Katie spills strict filming rule

It turns out that production has a strict rule that cast members are not allowed to discuss previous seasons or crew members when filming.

“We’re not allowed to talk about past castmates, not allowed to talk about past seasons,” she stated before continuing, “So actually with that, you know, like the hot tub scene with Lexi, she was like going at Malia, and when they were arguing in the cabin prior to that, she [Lexi] was actually going at Malia about stuff that it happened on the previous season. Obviously, Lexi had an idea of Malia in her head from watching her from a certain season.”

Katie didn’t spill if there were repercussions to Lexi but did reiterate the cast had to sign an NDA and not speaking about the previous season or cast was one stipulation.

Neither Katie Flood, Hannah Ferrier, Lexi Wilson, or Malia White will be back for Below Deck Med Season 7. However, that doesn’t mean the show won’t have plenty of drama. It is Below Deck, after all.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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