Below Deck Med fans drag bosun Raygan Tyler ‘worst bosun ever’

Below Deck Med newbie Raygan Tyler has come under fire from fans.
Raygan has taken over a title from Malia White. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Med fans are dragging bosun Raygan Tyler, calling her the “worst bosun ever” on the hit yachting show.

Although Season 7 of Below Deck Med just hit Bravo airwaves, it’s two episodes in on Peacock. Raygan has made quite the impression in that short amount of time, and not in a good way.

The trailer teased Raygan as a party girl, which is true, but that’s not the issue Below Deck Mediterranean fans have with her.

Below Deck Med fans drag bosun Raygan Tyler

Twitter has been on fire since Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiered, buzzing about the new cast and expressing feelings about the returning Captain Sandy Yawn.

However, Raygan has earned the most remarks on social media as fans don’t hold back their opinion of the bosun. For example, she spends far too much time taking smoke breaks while her team works.

Several Twitter users dragged Raygan calling her lazy, especially with missing deckhands. One user declared that her laziness and smoking like a chimney will get her fired.

Below Deck Med fans drag bosun Raygan.
Pic credit: @kramerbham/Twitter and @kimmieswatching/Twitter and @4MrsGonzo/Twitter

A different user even shared a GIF suggesting an on-screen counter for how many times Raygan takes a break and for how long.

There’s a consensus that Raygan “sucks” as a bosun, and is the “worst” one ever in the franchise history, with one user sharing that Raygan gives off chef Mila vibes.

BDM fans are not happy with Malia.
Pic credit: @EBC9191/Twitter and @just sue em/Twitter and @lostdogs20/Twitter

Captain Sandy weighed in on Raygan and her smoke breaks during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The captain was not aware of the lack of work coming for Raygan until she watched the episode.

Raygan makes Below Deck Mediterranean fans miss Malia White

It’s hard to imagine Below Deck Med viewers missing Malia White after the part she played in Captain Sandy firing Hannah Ferrier. However, that’s what has happened since Raygan joined the crew.

Twitter was buzzing with remarks from users who gave Malia props for the job she did as bosun. Two users were clear they may not have liked Malia, but at least she worked.

BDM fans give Malia props.
Pic credit: @OllieTwist17/Twitter and @cb290/Twitter

Raygan Tyler has come under fire from Below Deck Mediterranean fans. The Essex native certainly has her work cut out for her this season, with the rumor mill buzzing Raygan gets fired.

If Raygan gets fired, Malia won’t be her replacement. Malia has already confirmed she does not return for Season 7. One person that does come back, though, is Courtney Veale, who ends up on deck this time around.

Perhaps Captain Sandy promotes either Zee Dempers or Storm Smith after she fires Raygan, making way for Courtney to join the crew.

What do you think of Raygan?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo episodes dropping a week early on Peacock.

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2 years ago

I don’t like Sandy, but she worked harder than the bosun.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kathy

Great job by the casting team in finding Raygan, Her casting does one significant thing. It allows for the rehabilitation of Capt Sandy for the viewers. It’s hard to continuously dislike to cast members simultaneously, so Sandy is the winner. This effort by production is obvious in the edit. One could just as easily show an equal number of times when any other cast member was, for 10 seconds not doing her job at that moment. It’s one of the oldest editing tricks in the Reality TV playbook. Reality TV is NOT a documentary.