Below Deck Med: Does Chef Matthew Shea quit Bravo show?

Who is chef Matthew Shea return to Below Deck Med?
Chef Matthew made quite an impression in the premiere and not in a good way. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers are asking if chef Matthew Shea quits the Bravo show following the Season 6 premiere.

The chef made quite the first impression and not in a good way. Matthew injured his knee hours before the first chatter, insisting he didn’t think he could cook. The chef made lunch for the soon to arrive guests then headed to get an MRI.

Since Matthew wasn’t back by dinner time, the crew had to make food for the guests. It was a disaster. The episode ended on a cliff-hanger with Matthew nowhere in sight and the guests complaining to Captain Sandy about the dinner.

Who is chef Matthew Shea?

The private chef has cooked for his fair share of famous people, including Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch. According to his Bravo bio, Matthew knew he wanted to be a chef at an early age, thanks to his mother running a macrobiotic cooking school.

Matthew was trained by a French chef who mentored him during his time with Greenpeace International. The Rhode Island native has combined his love of travel and cooking by being a private yacht chef.

Although he has years of experience dealing with the one percent, Matthew admitted he does suffer from anxiety. The chef faces challenges other than demanding guests because of his mental health struggles.

Matthew’s a jokester but also takes his job very seriously. He expects a lot from himself and others.

Does chef Matthew quit Below Deck Med?

While some viewers relished in the disaster that was the premiere episode, others are wondering if Matthew will quit Below Deck Med just as the show’s getting started.

The answer is no! Matthew does not quit the Bravo show, leaving the crew in a lurch.

Matthew is featured in several clips during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 trailer. If he were going to exit the show after not cooking for the guests, the trailer would have less of him in it.

Now that isn’t to say the chef will last the entire season. Matthew did not get off to a good start with Captain Sandy or the rest of the crew, for that matter. He has got a lot to prove and could crack under the pressure.

Captain Sandy Yawn and chefs don’t really go hand in hand. After chef Matthew Shea’s start, she will definitely be keeping a close eye on him. The chef doesn’t seem like the type of person who can deal with being micromanaged.

One thing Matthew has in his favor like Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2, the show was filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t easy to find a replacement due to quarantine guidelines.

What did you think of chef Matthew?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Tania Roveda
Tania Roveda
2 years ago

Hes a fruitcake! But I guess there’s one on every boat. Please bring on a new chef!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Tania Roveda

Fruit loops agree, not sure why he had taken the job knowing it includes cooking for the crew!

2 years ago

Captain Sandy put in the request for another chef & I believe another crew member,did anyone else catch that? I’d keep checking the status of the replacement, he would be on my short s**t list…no crew food etc..