Amy Duggar King calls out Anna Duggar for supporting an ‘abuser’

Amy Duggar King selfie.
Amy Duggar King isn’t here for Anna Duggar standing by Josh Duggar. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King is fired up about what’s happening in her family.

The Duggar cousin read the letters of character and pleas for leniency when it comes to Josh Duggar’s upcoming sentence, and they don’t sit well with her.

She has been quiet for a while now after being vocal following Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict in December 2021. Currently, she is using her platform to call out the things Anna Duggar said about her husband in the letter she wrote to the judge ahead of the May 25, 2022, sentencing date.

Amy Duggar King calls out Anna Duggar on TikTok

TikTok is where Amy Duggar King has taken her rants.

She began with a rant toward Anna Duggar, though she didn’t name her in the first video.

Amy called her out for Josh Duggar not being a “safe person” to be around Anna’s kids. She mentioned showing women all over that it’s okay to be with an “abuser” and promised to use her platform to show them it’s not.

In a follow-up video, Amy Duggar King directly acknowledges she is speaking to Anna Duggar. She tells her she loves her, and it breaks her heart to see what’s happening.

She said Anna is showing women worldwide that it is okay to have an “abuser” in your home and around your beautiful children. Amy then talks about cheating and being treated like a “rag doll.”

There’s even mention of the Ashley Madison scandal and how what Danica Dillon said about Josh Duggar might be true.

Amy Duggar King has remained by Jill Duggar’s side

Amy Duggar King has been there for Jill Duggar. The two are incredibly close, and the Duggar cousin played a role in helping Jill cope with what happened to her and the break from the family.

There’s likely a lot that Amy knows about the family, but she revealed she signed an NDA.

Josh Duggar’s latest scandal, arrest, trial, and sentencing are all things she can speak on, as they are not in connection with the show. It was made public to the world, including the letters to the judge which set these videos in motion.

Amy’s concern has been echoed by followers and critics before. Anna Duggar was called out for not protecting her children, but it doesn’t appear to make a difference.

Speaking out against her family and standing up for what is right is what Amy Duggar King intends to keep doing.

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2 years ago

Amy king has never learned to keep her ugly hypocritical mouth shut and stay out of other peoples business. She is a very ugly person on the inside which is why she has to
Keep going after this family.