Counting On critics beg Anna Duggar to protect her children as she continues to defend Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar and some of her children.
Anna Duggar is slammed for not protecting her kids. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

After months of silence on social media, Anna Duggar broke her silence to post a “link in bio” story.

She posted to both Instagram and Twitter. However, the comments on her Instagram were limited so followers couldn’t respond.

That didn’t stop Counting On critics from calling out the former reality TV star for backing her husband amid the child pornography charges he was found guilty of in December 2021. He is planning to appeal the conviction, which is what the link Anna shared was about.

Anna Duggar gets called out for not protecting her children

Counting On critics on Twitter let Anna Duggar have it after returning to the social media platform.

When Anna shared her post, critics went in hard.

One commenter wrote, “It’s disgusting that you sat in the court room and saw the evidence and you’re still defending him. Your poor, poor children.”

Anna Duggar comments.
Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/Twitter

Another laid into Anna about doing the right thing, saying, “Protect your children over your headship. Do what’s right, for once.”

Yet another wrote, “Girl is this a joke. After all the mf evidence that was presented in FEDERAL COURT…I feel bad for your kids”

Anna Duggar comments on Twitter.
Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/Twitter

CPS was mentioned by another Counting On critic, who said, “CPS need to be involved because your kids obviously aren’t safe in your care! They need to be taken well away from you and your family.”

Anna comments from Twitter.
Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/Twitter

Anna Duggar is slowly coming back to social media

For months, Anna Duggar was silent on social media. She recently “liked” a photo shared by her sister’s family after the birth of their latest child.

There was speculation that Anna was on the outs with some family members when she didn’t appear in the Christmas or New Year’s Eve video that Jana Duggar shared. Anna’s kids were in both, making her absence even more suspicious.

Jessa Duggar shared the ugly sweater event the Duggars hosted, and Anna popped up and was present when Michael won one of the awards they handed out for the costumes.

Anna has stood by Josh’s side since his arrest in April 2021. She remained in contact with him when he lived with the Rebers and attended his trial daily.

Josh’s call logs confirmed they are constantly communicating while he awaits sentencing, though the two are not allowed face-to-face visits. Anna hasn’t seen Josh since December 9, 2021, but she is still supporting him.

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2 years ago

What’s to say he won’t go after his own kids when he went after his sister’s.

2 years ago

W can say all we want she absolutely will never ever ever leave Josh. Unless her children are being ill treated cops will not take her children away. Sadly, believing a pedophile dad of your children will not allow the children to be seized. Poor stupid Anna

2 years ago

Good mommies. Teaching your children that this behavior is ok. They’re going to grow up to be messed up