Anna Duggar spotted for the first time since leaving Josh Duggar’s trial

Anna Duggar and Maryella Duggar.
Anna Duggar resurfaced for the first time since Josh Duggar’s trial. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Anna Duggar made a brief appearance in the Duggar Ugly Sweater party video Jessa Duggar put together.

Several of her children were spotted throughout the 10-minute upload. Anna kept out of the spotlight for the most part, only appearing around the six-minute and thirty-second mark.

The gathering wasn’t as crowded as it has been in years past, possibly due to it being after Josh Duggar’s trial and guilty verdict.

Anna Duggar takes photos as Michael places in contest

Michael Duggar won an award for his costume/sweater in the video. He was seated at the counter, next to Anna Duggar, who was holding a little one in her lap.

The former reality TV star was only on camera briefly and made sure she wasn’t featured as heavily as some of the other family members.

Anna Duggar in Jessa's video/
Pic credit: @jessasweeld/YouTube

In the right-hand corner of the photo, Anna Duggar is looking festive for the party. She is taking a photo or video of her son, Michael, who won a prize for his costume.

Anna hasn’t been seen since she exited the courthouse surrounded by family after Josh Duggar was taken back into custody on December 9.

She did like a photo her sister shared earlier this month, but that was the only other activity from Anna since early 2021. She stayed silent on what happened with her husband and has yet to speak out about what’s happening in her life.

Which other Duggars were at the party?

Jessa Duggar did a good job including several family members in her video.

She featured Josiah Duggar, though Lauren Swanson was only briefly visible. There were also glimpses of Katelyn Nakatsu, Kendra Caldwell, Jedidiah Duggar, Abbie Grace Burnett, John David Duggar, and several younger siblings.

This was likely the first family party since Josh Duggar was found guilty, so the lack of attendees wasn’t surprising. The family showed up and participated in the fun.

Anna Duggar was shown in the video, despite not being seen at the Christmas celebration at the big house or the New Year’s Eve party. Her kids were spotted at both, which likely means she was trying to stay outside of the spotlight as she navigates what her life will look like moving forward.

For now, though, Anna remains with the Duggars in the big house or in the warehouse where she and Josh lived before his arrest last April.

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1 year ago

Hi Anna, hope you are doing okay my prayers are with you.