Abbie Grace Burnett shares new photo of Gracie Duggar, ‘Where’s Gracie?’

Abbie Grace Burnett in a Counting On confessional.
Abbie Grace Burnett shared new photos of Gracie Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Abbie Grace Burnett is back with more adorable photos of Grace Duggar.

The Counting On star and her husband, John-David Duggar, have enjoyed becoming parents and watching their little girl grow. Abbie was part of the 2019 baby boom, with Gracie being the last baby born among that group of cousins.

Since Grace was born in early 2020, Abbie and John-David could spend a lot of time with her as she progressed from month to month. Being locked in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t all bad for the couple.

‘Where’s Gracie?’

Over on her Instagram stories, Abbie Grace Burnett shared an adorable photo of Grace Duggar. She was wearing the cutest dress and had her hands over her eyes.

The caption read, “Where’s Gracie?” as the little girl smiled big. Her toothy grin, coupled with her baby pigtails, just added to the adorable oozing through social media.

Gracie is arguably one of the cutest Duggar grandchildren. Counting On fans gush over the girl anytime there are new photos. She is one of the happiest, and her smile is contagious.

Over on her Instagram page, Abbie Grace Burnett shared some other photos of Grace in the same dress. The caption was, “Grace Annette”

What are John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett doing without Counting On?

The reality TV couple hasn’t discussed their plans for the future. John-David Duggar was recently in Haiti to help with the relief as the country is in dire straits. MEDIC Corps is the organization he is a part of, and they went down to aide and assist wherever they could.

This isn’t the first time he has gone to help, and Abbie Grace Burnett has gone along with him on prior trips. Now that they have Gracie, there is more to consider than just themselves.

The couple also spent some time in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as they checked out the air show and planes there. It is an annual event, and the Duggar family has been attending for years. Planes are a huge deal for the couple, and seeing their excitement in the photos was priceless.

What is next for the couple remains to be seen, but they appear to be enjoying life and showing off their cute little one. Gracie Duggar brings them plenty of attention as fans love seeing new photos of her.

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2 years ago

she looks just like her Dad.

Wendy Derbyshire
Wendy Derbyshire
2 years ago

cuteness overload